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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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2009 / 2010 Rock n' Ride!


Six Flags Magic Mountain


The 2nd Rock n' Ride event at Six Flags Magic Mountain was an amazing event offering Guests a safe and sober New Years celebration. A fireworks show and a countdown on the park's centerpiece, the Sky Tower offered one of the most unique countdown celebrations on the West Coast! Six Flags Magic Mountain is now the "place to be" to ride in the new year!




Happy New Year!


Enjoy some pictures from the event as well!


See you at Rock n' Ride 2010/2011!


"Why thank you Coca-Cola! These are quite refreshing!"


..or Coke Zero! Take your pick! IT'S FREE!


...or Diet Coke!


Free Coca-Cola for everyone!


Several dancers accompanied Mr. Six and the Looney Tunes characters in entertaining the energetic crowd.


Tweety shows the crowd how to shake a tail feather.


The official countdown clock.




...and Karaoke were also part of the festivities.


The Beatles Rock Band...


Song Request: Water, Water, Everywhere THX! LOL! :)


The growing crowd dances the night away!



The Justice League fights crime, even on New Years Eve.


Six Flags style? Yes please!



Welcome to Rock n' Ride!

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^ Nice report, and it was good to see you at the park. I never did find Jay, though.


SFMM did a great job on this. I think the fireworks after the countdown were the best I've seen there---and I've been every year since 1971.



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Does anyone know why SFMM doesn't do Holiday in the Park though?


In my opinion, seeing that SFDK does not have competition like Disney or Universal, they can have their Christmas event and expect a massive crowd. Whereas SFMM doesnt have such luck, as Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland are the most popular parks in SoCal, and they do have their own Christmas events.


Therefore, by SFMM hosting something for New Year's, they have absolutely no competition in terms of events for that holiday.

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Therefore, by SFMM hosting something for New Year's, they have absolutely no competition in terms of events for that holiday.


Disneyland always hits full park capacity on NYE in the afternoon (that's a hell of a LOT of people) and Knott's also throws a NYE party with live bands. Universal has a free NYE event in CityWalk, so SFMM has plenty of competition for this type of event. And I'm sure this is why I'm sure last year wasn't as large since no one knew what to expect from the park, and I can only see this continuing to grow over the years.

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^ But the same could be said for Halloween and Fright Fest seems to do pretty good business during that time period.




I have to agree. It just seems to me that Disneyland has hit on something that SFMM could try to emulate. Visitors will come to a park multiple times a year if there is a hook. Disneyland changes things throughout the year now and we pretty much go to each new "theme". I know that I would probably make an extra trip in December for a "Very Magic Mountain Christmas."

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SFMM continually takes steps forward like this, which is always great to see.


The NYE Rock N' Ride looked to be very well-received by guests, and seeing pyro shoot off the top of Sky Tower like that was absolutely tremendous to witness, especially when it kept on going like it did. Then the "WOW" moment came with Valencia Falls' spinny sparkler pyro. Loved it.


Rock n' Ride was a great way to kick off a 2010 in which the park sports many newly refurbished/repainted areas & rides (including the guest parking lot) and has a new coaster coming to the Deja Vu/Terminator area. Here's to a great 2010!

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There website don't list Batman closed for paint no more!


They put Ninja as "temporarily closed"!




When you click All Rides and Family Rides, they don't come up, it say's

"Sorry, there are no matches for your selection. Please make another choice or reload the page to see the entire list."


Mabe they are adding the new coaster on to All Rides Page or Family Rides Page?


All Rides page


Family Rides page

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^^ Thank you. We need a Grammar Fairy around here sometimes...


Now that Batman and Goliath are both very close to---or done---with painting, I hope to see them both open soon. The only ride now that could really use a repaint is Scream! Riddler's Revenge is holding up fairly well for a 12-year-old ride, and Tatsu, while starting to show some fading, isn't that bad yet.



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