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I have not reached 100 but i'm getting close! My 50th Millennium Force. I am trying to get my 100th to be either Fury 325, or whatever is the current best RMC at the time.

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I was trying to have Fury 325 be # 80. However the one that actually made it was Carolina Cobra since it was closed on the first day of my trip last week. So here's # 80....lol


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Got my 1000th on Monday at Silver Dollar City on Outlaw Run! Also turned out to be my 100th wooden coaster!


I never make signs to mark milestones, but I couldn't not do it for this one!

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Credit counts:


1. Dragon Coaster - Legoland Windsor / Big Thunder Mountain - Disneyland Paris (I was below the age of 7, so it could be either...I don't remember when my first trip to Legoland was, but do remember the first trip dates for DLP)

10. Space Mountain - Disneyland Paris (2005)

25. Rita - Alton Towers (2012)

50. The Incredible Hulk Coaster - Islands of Adventure(2014)(as you can see the number of credits increased a lot quicker recently)


First woodie: Gwazi Lion - Busch Gardens Tampa

First launched coaster: Rock n' Rollercoaster - Disney Hollywood Studios

First inversion: Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park

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1. Candy Cane Coaster - Santa's Workshop

50. Mystery Mine - Dollywood

100. Great Pumpkin Coaster - King's Island

150. American Thunder - Six Flags St. Louis

152. Ninja - Six Flags St. Louis


I'm soooo mad! I counted wrong and realized I forgot Poltergeist at SFFT. Instead of the Voyage, my 100 is the Great Pumpkin Coaster.

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Because i suck so much i'll post a picture of my 25th coaster....

(I have a low coaster count because of my position in the UK)


I hear you. I am attending WCB to get my first 100. Didn't quite make it on the 2013 tour, still only at 85.


1. Silver Bullet - Frontier City

50. American Eagle - SFGam

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My number is only up to 40, but one fun milestones is #20 which is Behemoth at CW. #40 is... well... Pipe Scream. Oh no this can't be right, why did i ever ride this? Why did i count it as a roller coaster? Oh no!!!

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...I am attending WCB to get my first 100. Didn't quite make it on the 2013 tour, still only at 85...


Hey, when I was 53, I was only up to roughly 75 coasters!

I didn't get my first 100 until 2006, on the TPR UK Tour.

You'll get there, especially with going to the WCB.

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I just recently hit 100 coasters!! With number 100 being Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake Park I'm very glad the ride has been saved (for now) as its a wild ride and the only coaster out of my current 108 where I left the station questioning if I would make it back alive which added to the fun.


Edit: Also I'm not a coaster whore as I don't go out of my way to ride kiddie coasters. I don't even have the kids credits at my two home parks TGE and SFNE which I frequent a few times a year even thou they allow adults to ride, but after a few days of debating with myself I decided to count Devils Den at Conneaut because the ride is entirely gravity driven after the initial lift whereas most fun houses are powered by electricity on the rails.

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I haven't gone out of the way to make any of my milestones special, either as a really good coaster... or really bad. With the exception of #200 and I ended up goofing on that one.


1) Scooby Doo-- KD (Now Woodstock's Express)

25) Two-Face: The Flipside-- SFA

50) Rock N Roller Coaster-- Disney's Hollywood Studios

75) Carolina Goldrusher-- Carowinds

100) Batman The Ride-- SFoT

150) Raptor-- Cedar Point

200) The Dark Knight-- SFGAm (messed up on my count and originally was trying to make the Whizzer this one)

250) Goliath-- SFMM


264) Superman--SFMM


I should probably hit #275 this summer at Lagoon and will hopefully get #300 sometime next year.

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