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  1. I believe SW7 will again steal much of the limelight, certainly in the UK.
  2. The Wave at Lightwater Valley was always the best in this country.
  3. Looks fantastic. Too many people would complain if that were in the UK!
  4. Really looking forward to this, and I hope I am on the outside on my first ride!
  5. ^ Yes, that's the time to take it and is the only time I have achieved 49!
  6. Deep Purple with Cheap Trick as support. Manchester on Tuesday!
  7. Most typically, navy Converse All Star (Ox Chuck?). Size 9 (UK)!
  8. For any fitness fanatics out there, what is your resting heart rate? I do a lot of cardio work in the gym now, and after a month of non-smoking I have managed to get mine down to 49bpm.
  9. I really want to ride one of these, a good drop is a good drop on any rollercoaster. Try Jubilee Odyssey out for size.
  10. The design of this looks exceptional. I just hope that Moscow is a beautiful view from up high.
  11. In the UK, Wild Mouse and Grand National at Blackpool. Also, The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley.
  12. It was running on two trains and even out the door it took little more than 30 minutes to shift. Basing a scare attraction around Raptor Attack was a mistake, as its throughput is terrible. Opening Dracula's Labyrinth for two hours also makes me wonder if everyone in the park wanted to experience it actually managed to? Overall I did enjoy the event though and it was good to see the park busy.
  13. Great pictures. I still need to get to Chessington. The closed season is a good thing, the break will make us appreciate things and make them fresher in spring next year.
  14. Looks like a fantastic place. I hope to go someday, but it's unlikely.
  15. The Extremis tower at London does pack quite a punch. It's quite a big model and is always full. The release mechanism is quick and clean, so combined with the weight, the drop is quite captivating. I don't expect this ride to be Extremis clones, though.
  16. Ben 10, at Drayton Manor. Everything shiny and quirky, very pleasant.
  17. It's interesting to watch this develop. I have heard they will be using multiple camera angles to create a DVD of your ride, in a groundbreaking new system.
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