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  1. Jurassic World is just sensational. The first real suspense scene where Pratt is under the truck and the thing is lurking around, with the cinema bass and volume of the dino it was a sensational moment.
  2. That's a sensationalist tabloid newspaper, the poll means nothing as the paper's readers are typically of low intelligence.
  3. A very interesting park, which I have yet to visit.
  4. What awful injuries, how I feel for the seriously injured. There has to be serious questions over the train design after this, also.
  5. Scary how cheaply and quickly some things are copied. Their top spin ripoffs must be deadly if you think how much the properly-made ones become a liability over time.
  6. The changes to Nemesis are relatively positive. I think the only people that have huge complaints are those that liked to re-ride all day.
  7. Rainy and empty. "I nearly fell out" or "Does it go upside down"
  8. ^ I thought the last one had some quality songs. Psycho is a cool song so here's hoping to a great CD.
  9. Tree removal has also been taking place on the other side of the valley, close to Rita.
  10. You mean things like consistent unexpected downtime and ride redesigns less than two years after opening? Exactly! You've got to mix things up a bit in terms of not knowing you will be able to ride or not!
  11. During the past decade B&M have predominantly created things that lumber during changes of direction, the crazy helices and other elements of the 1990s seem to be long gone. Yes, there is the odd exception - but the definite trend now is for comparatively forceless rides. On the other hand, Intamin have been bold and innovative and they are reaping the rewards.
  12. What about "the most average coaster in the world?" Or possibly the world's first non-hyper rollercoaster Alton Towers have installed?
  13. They produce exciting rides. B&M are producing more and more lumbering and unremarkable rides these days. Intamin seem to be catering for the needs for the true thrillseeker with their efforts on speed and height.
  14. Not sure what RCDB are talking about, or if they are in the habit of posting jokes! It can't be the shortest or lowest in the world.
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