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  1. Uncertain if it is that one, although lots of people assuming so!
  2. Please don't give them ideas! Does seem crazy to leave those towers in there doing nothing, however.
  3. There are reports that Flamingo Land will be adding a 10-inversion Intamin: http://riderater.co.uk/7392/flamingo-land-to-add-10-inversion-rollercoaster/
  4. Great report. Quality characters and costumes also by the looks of things.
  5. Final items going under the hammer this Sunday, including the Shrieksville ghost train. http://riderater.co.uk/7152/final-remnants-of-pleasure-island-on-sale-this-weekend/
  6. I only rode Cheetah Hunt last year, but it's mid-ride launches are fantastic, unfortunately Icon's do not compare in the slightest. Real shame for me!
  7. There have been mixed reviews of Icon among the UK enthusiast community. Here's one which is fairly balanced: http://riderater.co.uk/7012/review-icon-rollercoaster-at-blackpool-pleasure-beach/
  8. Spinning Mouses are pretty bad, as is Raptor Attack (former Rat Ride) at UK's Lightwater Valley. Hosts warn you before the train departs!
  9. England Lost, a new song from Mick Jagger. Quite cringeworthy actually, as sung in a false London accent.
  10. Absolutely terrible accident, thoughts to all those affected.
  11. Last day of operation was yesterday. The Boomerang was great on the back row during the reverse run, there were serious Gs to be had there.
  12. Alton Towers. Finally going to Florida for the first time next year though.
  13. There's only Alton Towers in the UK which I feel would be particularly impressionable on an American. Thorpe Park and Chessington World of Adventures are impressive by our standards, but not yours. Blackpool Pleasure Beach is also incredibly good because it's a vintage amusement park, but is based on the American model and probably not too impressive to you guys.
  14. ^ That's wise, you don't want any spoilers for this ride!
  15. Review of Derren Brown's Ghost Train: http://riderater.co.uk/6115/review-derren-browns-ghost-train-thorpe-park/
  16. Saw it in 2D, was wondering how 3D compares.
  17. Back row of a Boomerang as the train enters the vertical loop backwards is up there.
  18. The Thirteen track fall at Alton Towers is one of the best elements, even though I couldn't resist reading up about it before I rode. Also in the UK, the indoor section of Saw is also great.
  19. Sundays are quieter than Saturdays, but yes - I do think the accident has had an effect on numbers,
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