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  1. No, we probably won't be back in the UK until 2014. It's just really expensive to fly over for one ride, and one that we'll hit on our next UK tour anyway. OK Robb, were you here last year for The Swarm and Nemesis Sub-Terra?
  2. A long lift for suspense and a huge steep drop for fear. If the extent of the drop is obscured, even better. Oblivion and Jubilee Odyssey remain the most intimidating rides in the UK for this reason.
  3. Will you guys be coming to SW7's opening day, whenever that may be?
  4. Trying to work out what ride this is: Fairground ride ‘started with girl unrestrained’ http://riderater.co.uk/?p=2151
  5. I'm not sure it can be compared to anything, certainly not in the UK. It could have worked with more time, effort and money thrown at it. The idea is brilliant I think, but the execution has been rushed and poorly thought out.
  6. Thirteen is popular two years on and received moderately favourable feedback from the general public. The comments regarding this are overwhelmingly negative. The word Nemesis means rollercoaster to the average person and this is simply adding to people's disappointment when they come off. They've scrimped on a very basic ride system and the experience is just poor because of tight fistedness with theming and poor acting direction etc.
  7. Doesn't let on much, but a nice rare press release. Perhaps they need to try a Merlinesque publicity stunt.
  8. The Ultimate in the UK. That has to be the most unique rollercoaster of all time.
  9. It desperately needs the theming to be worked on now.
  10. I bet some of the more expensive elements are retired or changed - although I know Amanda likes a bit of flair and theatre so maybe not on the flipside.
  11. We can expect the 2012 rollercoaster to be Gerstlauer. Regardless of what track looks like in a drawing, it has been stated in the planning documents it will be a Gerstlauer.
  12. When are you TPR people planning on coming over to ride this?
  13. It will be a Gertslauer without doubt. The world's first element will be something they can hook on, so nothing too complicated to say in a single sentence.
  14. Certainly mine is Apocalypse stand up floorless drop tower at Drayton Manor in the UK.
  15. It will open on 15 March and you can already book tickets for the opening.
  16. How interesting! I would have just assumed the outside is better due to the increased feeling of freedom.
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