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  1. True The person below me has a passport.
  2. True The person below me is too dependent on caffeine to get through the day
  3. Unless B&M move away from their lumbering and relatively forceless style - I doubt it.
  4. Not sure about the visuals actually. No doubt they will be using 100% CGI, which I don't think has come on much in the past decade in terms of quality/realism. The initial stance of CGI combined with animatronics was far more effective.
  5. Yes, they do. But the original cartoons' ages are starting to show through in some ways when you look at how the characters behave.
  6. I dreamt(?) that a coaster fell off the upper part of a vertical loop the other night.
  7. There's good food as in taste - and that's virtually everything that's fast food or bad for you - and the GOOD good food, which generally I've found you have to prepare yourself!
  8. I have not come across this problem as yet.
  9. This will be a commercial success for them. It's alright enthusiasts slating it, but a lot of people that go to Flamingo Land won't have been on a flying rollercoaster before.
  10. Out of operation indefinitely. Possibly re-tracking surely. They've bodged this constantly from the start and its about time they bit the dust and reprofiled.
  11. Looks like there's some great moments on that ride.
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