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  1. Think they need to accept there is a different model to winter operation outside the UK!
  2. Reports that the capacity issues has been "solved/improved", so will be interesting to see if there is a gimmick (or genuine innovation) in there. Seems a complete waste of money to use B&M if not having a significant degree of innovation, but we'll see!
  3. For anyone not aware, details of proposed new rollercoaster coming this Friday (with possible pre-leaks from a local event on Thursday): https://www.thorpepark-consultation.com/
  4. ^ Looks amazing! Sure it was enjoyed!
  5. Mechanical engineer on a chemical plant.
  6. Certainly from the UK perspective, the usual March season start seems out of the question at the moment.
  7. Very difficult to say, and will inevitably vary from country to country.
  8. Probably Blackpool Pleasure Beach - the first major park that opens each year in the UK.
  9. Yes Is the world doing enough about it?
  10. Great work for Valhalla once again - a truly impressive ride!
  11. Great photo report and commentary! Does not look too busy.
  12. A fairly busy opening day yesterday, with lots of annual passholders as you'd expect. Review of the new Alton Towers Dungeon attraction: http://riderater.co.uk/7444/review-the-alton-towers-dungeon/
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