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  1. The rotating track piece was pure fabrication that a website reported and ended up with egg on its face.
  2. Does anyone know where the 1001 Nights went after leaving Alton Towers?
  3. Autocorrect! Would you rather holiday in Iraq or Afghanistan?
  4. I don't have a picture of it to hand, but the top of Jubilee Odyssey.
  5. The Ultimate Nemesis Boulder Dash Grand National The Smiler
  6. I love karting and I have a racing licence for them. Indoor circuits in the UK aren't usually that good, but there are some good outdoor tracks.
  7. This has been a bad call in my opinion, but we'll have to see how popular they are.
  8. Parks usually have your money so are basically saying screw you. Fairs are usually pay-per-ride so they want you to ride, and hopefully re-ride!
  9. Well it was interesting to say the least...
  10. I think the tyres are going to be as important this year as they were last year. However, as it was only Michael Schumacher who complained publically last year, no one listened. Now that the British drivers are beginning to complain, people will take notice and jump on the bandwagon. The sport is no longe rabout speed and driver skill. I still watch and enjoy it, but the differences are striking if you watch a clip from a race 10 or more years ago. It may be more interesting to the casual fan, but the truly greatest drivers are no longer in the sport exclusively. Many people buy their way in as well. I hope this new electric Formula E takes off.
  11. It's a very inventive selection of inversions I think. I don't think they will be nauseous for casuals.
  12. I predict that this will be ready at some point in April - perhaps with soft openings or other 'preview' days.
  13. Those faux hydraulic arms look great. The full thing should be a great theming object.
  14. The late opening is going to damage them quite badly, I think. How are they going to be able to market the first couple of months of the season now?
  15. Are there any pictures? If there's one in the article, it isn't displaying for me.
  16. Does anyone find that when they get into bed after a full day of rides, their heads spins slightly?
  17. I don't think the name is too important, but the atmosphere and branding that goes with this ride should be first class.
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