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  1. To be honest, most things I've seen in America lack good colour schemes.
  2. It's because there are 2 people in the world: McDonald's people and Burger King people, if you don't know which group you belong too, you're just confused. Ha I see!
  3. Inverted, although The Swarm next year may change that.
  4. Great park, which I visited for the first time last month. Great pictures and hope you had a great time. Apocalypse is definitely the best flat ride in the UK.
  5. I'm sorry but what exactly does "a number of sources" mean? It sounds like something The Sun or Daily Star would print.
  6. What a ridiculous statement! B&M are just re-using the design and will have suggested it to them, I doubt Six Flags asked for it themselves! Anyway, these things had better be intense and not as forceless as Raptor looks.
  7. How fast can people run a mile? I'm at 7:28 so far according to a Nike app for iPhone but I've only done 2 x 2.25 mile runs with it to date.
  8. What is the big difference between Burger King and McDonalds that can lead so many people to hate one and love the other?
  9. Why do these plans point to a drop tower? Any number of things could be placed in there!
  10. Alton Towers are building four enclosed drop towers featuring flame effects under the working title of Extremesis Inferno.
  11. Worth noting that Switzerland is landlocked so not sure what victory a pirate could have there, ha! If SW7 is going there, and this is either confirms that or is a blatant deflective tactic, then I'm not sure how impressed I'm going to be by it if it has a pirate theme!
  12. I'm hoping much of it is over water and it swoops down very low to it. It's unlikely there will be a restriction saying they cannot build over 120 feet. as has been suggested, applications are just submitted that have a good chance of getting passed.
  13. Wow these take me back. I live around 25 minutes from the park and have spent many days there. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Incredible transformation, saying well done does not seem anywhere near close enough in congratulations. Enjoy your new found love and be sure to explore as many parks in the UK this year as you can.
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