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  1. From the year it first opened 1994. Full set of 69 Nemesis shots of 217 Archive photos of Alton Towers 94 - 98. can be found here. http://www.northwestcoastalresorts.com/gallery/index.php
  2. Alton Towers : The early years 1994 - 1998 Full set of 143 photos can be found here. http://www.northwestcoastalresorts.com/gallery/index.php Rick.
  3. Allrighty ive been trawling the archive photos again and come up with this little set from cleethorpes pleasure island from july 11th 1994. Full set of 83 photos can be viewed here. http://www.northwestcoastalresorts.com/gallery/index.php Rick.
  4. Well the Dream has turned to a nightmare for Dreamstorm, and Norman Wallis. The lease to keep hold of the site will be been farmed out to one of four contractors, to build Southport Marine Park in 2009 ( which will see the ex pleasureland ground turned into a giant marine garden area )( Dreamstorm dont even get a look in ) In 2007 NWCR was granted unprecedented access to the site, with every nook and cranny photographed to record its final years, as an amusement park. North West Coastal Resorts pays tribute to the hard work put in by ex pleasureland and Dreamstorm staff. who for t
  5. Coaster set to open 22nd September 2007. Along with additional attractions, Superbowl. Freak Out, Thriller Express Matterhorn. Energy Rush Waltzer. Plus all the usual park attractions and returning favorites. A few shots from the last week, of the soon to open coaster. Photos copyright Rick Codona 2007. NWCR : Dreamstorm Ltd.
  6. Okay work is all but complete, the train has found its new home on the transfer track and painting the remaining parts of the structure is underway. Mark Manders Waltzer is another new arrival to the park. and the unique UFO is begining to take shape. Thats yer lot this time round kids, to see the full sets and so much more visit. http://www.northwestcoastalresorts.com/index2.php
  7. There is much to follow at the moment, Pleasureland is changing almost daily now, for the best daily updates, and inside news from the park. http://northwestcoastalresorts.com/forum/index.php Its time to get really excited. Rick.
  8. Interesting logic at work there. Travelling rides are subject to more stringent testing, than there static park cousins, Also they are pulled down every other week or so, and any potential problems spotted, same goes with the build ups, problems spotted and rectified. The rides are often owned by the person doing the building, so makes sense he/she isnt going to take unnecessary risks when it comes to your well being. problems do arise, parts do fail, but to say travelling machines are not as safe as static ones, is pure madness. Rick.
  9. Norman Wallis (leasee of SNPL) is attempting to renew and extend the lease, long term. 2008 will bring the parks first static installations, and work has already begun on ground work and overall site clearence. future machines WILL include a cyclone clone, and a further mega wooden coaster, ( subject to lease extension, which at present is looking favourable. ) The travelling machines were there to act as a stopgap, to get SNPL back into the publics eyeline again, some of these machines are booked to appear next season to bulk out the park a little. as well as new machines lined up
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