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  1. Ever since I can remember thanks to my dad. However, I had a ten-year gap from visiting theme parks between 2000 and 2010. I forgot how good they were!
  2. Great selection of photos. I have spent an hour or two looking through this thread. I love hearing your feedback on British cuisine.
  3. The rush you get from Rita and Stealth (I have never been to a park outside of the UK) is brilliant, so I suspect this is a fantastic experience.
  4. 1. Jubilee Odyssey 2. Thirteen 3. Rita 4. Stealth 5. The Ultimate 6. Raptor Attack 7. Nemesis 8. Oblivion 9. X:\ No Way Out 10. Saw
  5. 1. Alton Towers 2. Thorpe Park 3. Lightwater Valley 4. Fantasy Island 5. Pleasure Island 6. Flamingo Land 7. Pleasurewood Hills 8. Chessington World of Adventures 9. Drayton Manor 10. Camelot
  6. They do and we are lucky in the UK that they still tour at home a great deal. Would like to see bands like the Stones and Fleetwood Mac do more here but you can't have everything. I think Buzzcocks are doing a US tour soon or maybe even now, try to check out a show if possible!
  7. Ha ha, like your style - but winter to me is December, January and February. Three months is quite a long time!
  8. Two. Forgive me if I'm not correct, but: There is a newly-wed couple travelling through a quiet country area, the car runs out of petrol and the man instructs his wife to wait in the car and lock all doors while he walks to the petrol station approximately 10 miles away. Upon his return, his wife is layed dead inside the car and there is a stranger inside the car. The doors remain locked and there is no sign of any forced entry or broken glass on the car. What has occurred?
  9. Last year, I saw: Guns N' Roses Paramore Faithless This year, I am planning: The Stranglers The Undertones Faithless (possibly) David Guetta I like many types of music and have seen The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Sex Pistols, Alice Cooper, The Killers, Keane, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Blur, Oasis, Supergrass, The Levellers, The Damned, Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, UK Subs and Lostprophets among others!
  10. Hello, I am from the UK and have not yet been on rides or to theme parks anywhere else outside of this country.
  11. ^ UK punk fan? Good stuff. Currently listening to a woman called Rumer (sp?), she sounds like Karen Carpenter to me, and I thought many of her songs were by The Carpenters - anyway, it's only because it's currently what's on BBC Radio 2.
  12. Merlin announcing the removal of free parking from their Standard Annual Pass (UK issue).
  13. Thanks guys. I do NDT as part of my job, but I have never worked on rides.
  14. When welds are found to have cracked in service, what is the repair procedure? Is the car/support/whatever replaced, or is the crack ground out and re-welded? NDT is basically (some of) the testing they will do on rides during the closed-season.
  15. Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes, UK. AND I AM PROUD OF THAT FACT.
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