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  1. While I think it might spice up a lumbering and lackluster latter-day B&M, I have to say this has a faint odour of desperation from both B&M and Thorpe Park one year after opening the ride.
  2. I think with the uncertainty of construction, that's creating some delay - but having said that, I wouldn't expect TV ads at this stage anyway I don't think.
  3. Looking forward to this ride, and also what will be my first ever visit to Chessington this year.
  4. Cool, Clockwork Angels is the first album of theirs I have bought aside from a £3 best of from my local supermarket, so now I am working backwards through their discography! Not too keen on Vapor Trails though, it's a little too rough and ready! They are on tour in the UK in may, so I am hoping to get to a show.
  5. The in-park retail is key, admission prices can't be the be all and end all of turnover.
  6. Interesting marketing approach, it's like the old days of the Oblivion campaign - not associating it with Alton Towers at first.
  7. Get the impression that this place is the equivalent of Thorpe Park in Britain.
  8. Did anyone get Rush's album last year, Clockwork Angels?
  9. Amazing, didn't realise it was even Alton Towers at first.
  10. Is 'carnie' an insulting term in America, or is it just informal slang?
  11. ^ Yes, that's precisely the look they were going for.
  12. I REALLY think this is going to break the inversion record now, and as Dan suggested, 14 is probably a figure they'd go for. I can't see them adding 11 or 12, it's too close to the current record and a 12-inverter has already been designed, just not constructed yet. Does anyone think there could be a deal in place for them to agree to not build a ride with more inversions for X number of years? I realise Intamin or someone else could break the record if they wished, but in the current climate I suggest that Gerts are a favourable option in terms of how much ride you get for your money. It's all speculation of course, but so much of the aura surrounding this reminds me of the Oblivion marketing and construction campaign - highly secretive and conventionally record-breaking.
  13. It has to be, it'd be completely gimmickal. Where are the six non-plan shown inversions going to be if the 14 loops is true though... I think there will all be inlines on sections of the track shown as 'straight' on the plans and at least one inside. Not sure how just a conventional gimmickless rollercoaster with a record breaking number of loops will be tied into the back story.
  14. I was leaning towards the inversion record also, but I'm not sure how many the indoor section can contain. If it does go upside down a record number of times I would be absolutely delighted though.
  15. Great suggestion. The POVs are all very stable and clear. I'd also be interested to know if there's been any mishaps before.
  16. Some incredible pictures and I'm sure the trip generated many great memories you'd never forget even without the aid of photos. Even though I live in England, I have not seen much of Europe and I am determined to rectify that somewhat this year.
  17. It will either be something at Blackpool or Alton Towers, but not sure yet!
  18. No, we probably won't be back in the UK until 2014. It's just really expensive to fly over for one ride, and one that we'll hit on our next UK tour anyway. OK Robb, were you here last year for The Swarm and Nemesis Sub-Terra?
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