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  1. Fortunately they don't tend to operate Dragon's Fury on 2 cars anymore it's not a perfect park by any means when it comes to running things on a lower capacity, so it's a place to visit on off peak days.
  2. A few observations from Mandrill Mayhem; it is quite a whippy little B&M coaster, surprisingly so. The scorpion tale and the dip out of the station provide some nice moments of airtime depending on where you sit. It carries some pretty fun forces, nothing overly intense for experienced thrill seekers because it is a family/thrill coaster, though if you don't like coasters that travel backwards, then this may not be for you. It is surprisingly thrilling for a family coaster. I was expecting to find the helix a tad uncomfortable, but it was fine really. I am still not a massive fan of vest restraints, but the vests on this ride don't lock further during the ride cycle, which is a very positive development. All in all, it's great fun, and it's fantastic to see B&M innovating once again with this ride and Pipeline over in Orlando.
  3. Here are some pictures I took from the opening ceremony of World of Jumanji! Mandrill Mayhem is one of the best starter thrill coasters for children out there. The launches are quite snappy and the ride pulls some very interesting forces. The area is also nicely themed and detailed. The landscaping is quite nice, the plants haven't grown fully yet, so it'll start to feel more immersive once they have grown more. Mamba Strike is the best of the two flat rides in the area, it has some nice pops of airtime and a lengthier cycle.
  4. New plans have emerged, detailing the new Mack HyperCoaster's colour scheme and theming. The coaster itself will be painted pearl gold blending to papyrus white, so as to mitigate any visual pollution in the surrounding area. This also could hint at a potential mountain theme for the ride. Here is a look at the station building, which appears to have a very natural timber, pearl gold and blackish grey metal aesthetic. A bird golden bird emblem also appears front and center. There also these views of the highpoints from outside the park The full plans from this week can be accessed at the following link: https://docs.runnymede.gov.uk/PublicAccess_LIVE/SearchResult/RunThirdPartySearch?FileSystemId=PL&FOLDER1_REF=RU.23/0657
  5. The Resort's PR machine has been going at full pelt, with themed teasers pointing to the shady military organization The Phalanx running scientific tests on the new track or 'tentacles' The arrival of the track at the Resort saw a convoy of Phalanx vehicles transporting the track to the Galactica car park. The park also posted this aerial shot of the final turnaround of the ride on their new Nemesis webpage All in all, we are seeing a return to the Nemesis marketing and PR machine that added an extra layer of magic to the park in the mid and late nineties. The track colour also gives off a very retro 90s vibe for the reimagined Nemesis.
  6. The Curse At Alton Manor has been open for a few weeks, and it's being hailed by many as the best dark ride in the UK in its very early form. Having rode it several times this week, I can completely agree. It utilizes impressive projection mapping technology that Disney park goers will be familiar with, and detailed themed environments with props and animatronics, all while balancing those with old school Haunted House theming, props, pepper's ghost illusions etc. The story is centered around a troubled and neglected child who wreaks havoc on her parent's New Year's Eve party, causing all the party guests and her parents to vanish mysteriously. Outside the ride, its themed area Gloomy Wood hasn't looked as good as it does now since the 90s, with a lot more detailing, roaming actors and a themed F&B unit 'Coachouse Confectionary'. There are some official news videos with representatives from the park, but I'd encourage you all to experience this ride spoiler free.
  7. It has a minimum height of 1.2m and a top speed of 42 mph, so very much a thrill coaster for families. The coaster itself is 65'ft, which isn't huge in theory but very tall for a coaster at Chessington.
  8. Very recently, groups of enthusiasts and the press were invited to tour the World of Jumanji building site, witness the new B&M quadruple launch shuttle wing coaster 'Mandrill Mayhem' testing in person and speak to the land's designer John Burton. The 42 mph coaster has been confirmed to have a reversed backrow that will also not come with an upcharge. It was confirmed that a lot more planting was on the way before the area opens in mid-May, and a lot of work is taking place on crafting the area's immersive theming, which will also comprise of a mini recreation of the bazaar from 'Welcome To The Jungle', Alan Parish's treehouse as the Mandrill Mayhem station building, rockwork and sand dunes from 'The Next Level', and of course most of the area's planting (only four percent of which had been planted at the time of the hardhat tour). It was confirmed in the British tabloids that actor Rhys Darby, who plays guide Nigel Billingsay in the Dwayne Johnson movies, narrates guests as they walk around the land. A lot more information in this detailed breakdown on the hardhat tour with pictures from Attraction Source. I have posted some of the officially released pictures below, as well as embedded videos of the hardhat tour, testing footage and an interview with the area's designer.
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