Golden Ticket Awards 2018

Steel Vengeance is best new ride
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Re: Golden Ticket Awards 2018

Postby robbalvey » Tue Sep 18, 2018 12:37 pm

bill_s wrote:
robbalvey wrote:
bill_s wrote:And Disney itself is more like a manufacturer of a luxury product which doesn't get reviews because they don't provide review samples and don't need reviews because they also have a full waiting list..

WHAT THE F**K ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!?!? Are you even aware that there are MORE DISNEY REVIEW SITES, Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, blogs, etc, than ANY OTHER AMUSEMENT PARK or park chain in the world??? Like, have you ever looked at the Internet before??!?! Holy crap, I can't even believe someone would make such an ignorant statement. It blows my mind that i just read those words from one of our forum members. You guys are supposed to be better educated on theme parks if you're going post to Theme Park Review.

And what "waiting list???!" Honestly, DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AT ALL!?!?!?

That's exactly what I meant: Disney has plenty of advocates, which is analogous to a manufacturer selling something as fast as they can make them properly. You're misinterpreting me.

I agree my analogy doesn't add much except more words. What is significant is that analogies instantly spring to mind, or at least that everyone has seen plenty of polls and best-of lists with a focus and agenda and big flaws. These lists reveal much about those making them, which is the only reason they're of any use at all, they can be interpreted.

In further consideration, I think my analogy is also wrong. It's not a matter of advertising bucks, it's bias and preference. In ACE, if you're not big on wood coasters and funky little parks, you don't get to vote.

Also, believe me, I'm sorry for replying on this subject by now. Shouldn't have to be that way though.

Like, seriously? You can't afford to eat at Seasons or the China Quick Service restaurant or any of the Food & Wine/Flower & Garden booths? Or getting some amazing Chicken Katsu Curry at the Japan quick serve? Or maybe the French bakery or get apps at Spice Road Table? You do realize those places are CHEAPER and absoultely higher quality and better value for money than most Six Flags or Cedar Fair offerings right?

Good content. Actually, I can't afford to do much, but I would still read more about Disney being a good deal for those only slightly more affluent -- that's not really my impression from trip reviews I read here. I advocate that theme parks can be the best entertainment value for anyone with a local park.


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Re: Golden Ticket Awards 2018

Postby Intamin_coyote » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:07 pm

Another hilarious thing I love to look for in the top 50 wooden list every year is finding where Blue Streak (CP) ends up...

#41 this year...


#45 T Express

#47 Hades 360


Whatever "enthusiasts" voting in the GTAs that keep putting Blue Streak in their top 10 either...

- Need to ride more wooden coasters

- Are CP fanboys

- Are being directly paid off by Cedar Fair

---Or some combination of the three... :lmao:


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