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Toverland Discussion Thread

P. 30: Expedition Zork renewal project announced!

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In response to the questions previously posted about the single concrete footer on the newer GCI's, I think I read somewhere that they do that because of the colder temperatures at some of those locations. It had soemthing to do with the ground freezing during the winter months, and single footers being some 5 or 10 or 20 (I don't really know) feet deep, the freezing land effects the footers somehow. Can't remember where I read or heard this but it sounds plausible. Kinda cool.

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A friend of mine works at Toverland. He keeps me updated once in a while. So sometimes I know things many others do not, yet. Now thats cool. I WILL go to Toverland next year! I hope this ride has airtime by then. Also, Toverland is a park wich is open year round, so are the coasters. This wil be one of a few woodies around the world open year round. That's quite cool too!

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It looks like they are planning some overtime, what with the portable lighting...


in the winters it's dark in the morning and evening quite long, not like there going to build 24/7, as if right now, all the GCI'ers are celebrating xmas

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Update 9 January


Perhaps you have seen it on the webcam, not the best quality, but that turn can’t be missed. And for those who are counting all the legs: 16 have been put up, bringing the total to 34. Near the parking lot, there are preparations made for concrete, when I left, they had nearly finished one of the two half spheres that hopefully will receive the concrete in a week or so. But returning to the main part of the update: the TURN !

























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Update 16 January


No big parties of wood assembled this time, we’ll have to wait for that, because nobody was sawing or screwing a new leg together. However, the first part that was put up has received railings on both sides, catwalks on one side, track ties and the base for the track itself has also been assembled.

Also, the big turn is, if the work continues like this, receiving a full lateral bracing. Which probably means it’ll have to handle some high speeds.

Going towards the parking lot, a new area has received concrete, they’ve continued preparing another area for concrete and started preparing a new area for concrete preparation. So it won’t be long before they’ll get their share of concrete.

The roundabout in the last picture, which is located just outside Toverland, will be getting a 33 feet landmark tower which is scheduled to be ready coming summer.














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Update 19 January


Sorry for being late, I had kind of a busy weekend, but here’s the update from last Friday. Today my boss at Toverland was giving a tour for interested employees, so I’ve some ‘on-site’ pics.

Work is continuing on the lateral bracing of the turn standing, and ties are also put up. The area at the parking lot has anchors lying on it. and from what I can tell, it’s going to be a big and/or high turn, with lots of speed. It is not clear in the picture, you’ll have to be there yourself to see it better, but in the middle of the turn, different anchors are placed, IMO it’ll become a ‘deadmanspoint’.

And yes, that is me on the 7th pic.












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This ride is starting to look really good.


I'll be the first to admit I don't have a real solid grasp of how a woodie is built, but are they already starting to install track before they put in the walk boards?


Not exactly. They are placing the initial boards where the track will go. Once they have finished the structure, they'll then start to actually "track" the ride, with the eight or so layers of boards followed by the metal strips of track.

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