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  1. awesome, went five times to port aventura. This is definitely one of my favorite parks. Looking foreward to this addition. Espacially the coaster. I did Kingda Ka and TTD in CP so i know the ride is awesome.
  2. it's shaping up very nicely because of studio 100. Check the theming on the new coaster. Very nice
  3. I think the worst coaster i've been on in the states was vortex in kings island. bumped my head so hard i got a headache. i've also been on time warp and his brothers and sisters but that is not as crappy as Gouderix. Gouderix was ready last season and reopened in the summer.
  4. So every year we go on a weekend trip with the guy's. Main reasons : coasters, beer and the proof we never grew up. Normaly we go to Europa park and Heide park. But this year we went to Parc Asterix for a change. Main reason the new B & M. Hope you enjoy, this year it's up to Heide park for the fourth time in "Matendag" history. (1x walibi world, 1x walibi belgium, 4x heide park, 4x europa park, 1x hansa park and 1x parc asterix) proof we never grew up, at the toll booth. There he is! Glad it didn't work. Very nice coaster with out the traditional pre drop. So after the lift hill the fun just happens.... Group pic with our hero's Yes, some people just can't handle there alcohol. On the camping site we started a fire in front of our bungalows and have a great night with some more beers. This is what happens when you start drinking at breakfast.
  5. Bandit ending last! lol. Love to see Troy on a nice 12th place. It's practicly my back garden. Hope to see some good re-lining on Bandit.
  6. it is a nicely themed park just like Europa park. I think the coasters are better. But indeed Alton Towers is also awesome. The British island is stil on my bucket list.
  7. Shambala was awesome! Better then Silver star. Nice airtime and the theming is beautiful. The pretzel round a bout thingy is surprising good.
  8. My fifth visit to this beautiful park, wich is getting better after every addition. Since we have three kids it's becoming more difficult to visit allot of parks my main reason to come here for the fifth time. These additions... Beautiful entrance Riding to the moon. We were first in line. Went as early as possible to the park to avoid the summer lines. I was in the first train, my wife in the third. lovely cobra roll on Dragon Kahn. After we visit Shambala the line was 1,5 our.... My wife and kids happy on a kiddy flat ride. No i'm not that lucky, it's photoshop. new kiddy area based on sesamestreet is awesome. With some cool rides for the little ones. bumpy ride, it just can't handle the speed. My four year old, holding my american sized coke. It was verry hot! My four year old third woody credit. Beatiful coaster, but the ride is horrible.
  9. I got a massive headache after the loop. The seat are terrible on this thing. And if you hated the loop, wait for the final break run... Ouch!
  10. We were there on a "holiday" weekend. And both parks were not busy. In the WB brothers park were allot of families with young children. I was thinking to get the big rides (superman, batman etc.) on our way out. But instead it was busy in the kids area. So just go first to the big rides insteat of the kids area. It wil be busy over there. IF you go by train from MAdrid. Don't forget your ticket on your way to the station. You have to buy it when you are goin back. Because the tickets are only valid for 4 hours. The PAD park was'nt busy over the complete day. We were there on a thursday though. Try to go on the metro. So you can go on the other entrance were it isn't busy. have fun!
  11. For me it is only a 2,5 our drive. So i'm getting there this summer. I hope the lines are better on EGF this time. Terrible personel last time.
  12. Yes, that would be a great idea. But i don't know if it possible because of the measurements of the tattoo. For now i made a design with the date in the bottom right corner, but maybe a change from track to date would be nice.
  13. It's been a while, but it was a great weekend. If you have three kids, it's difficult to travel and go to a lot of parks. So every year my wife and i go on a weekend trip somewhere to ride some rollercoasters (i infected her with the virus in 2008. We went on a USA road trip). This is our trip from 2011. I will post more trips later. Very nice custom kiddie Got puked on this one by a kid. I swear he had a Fanta before the ride. Got puked on me twice in Madrid. In WB and PDA...... Nerdshot! Last year got my 250th. Awesome coaster. I love these B and M's Panorama pic from the train station to Madrid Central station. It's a very nice park. After this, i got a massive headache. Loving these lap bars.
  14. I'm saying hi for the second time. We had a nice forum going on with some coaster friends here in the Netherlands. But it died... sh*t happens. So now i'm back participating in this forum, and spreading my trip reports and love for coasters.
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