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Least Favourite TV Ads

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My girlfriend absolutely hates the Target commercials about the 2-day sale with that lady in the red jumper. It's ironic because her favorite store is Target, but she can't stand this commercial.

Haha those are some of my favorite commercials on the air right now! That crazy lady makes me laugh every single time.


Really annoying: the Kohls Black Friday ads to the tune of Rebecca Black's song "Friday". Good thing they should be over really soon, they're getting really annoying!


I just saw this one today. Even though this is a thread for our least favorite ads, I don't know where else to post this.

I think this one is hilarious every time I see it. The body language is just perfect too.

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I personally love the JG Wentworth commercials, btw.


The commercials that I hate, and I am NOT an evil person, are the 2 minute long ones pertaining to starving children, children with disabilities and abused animals. I wish there was some way to donate to them and therefore remove the commercials from my set. I would totally send them $14 a month for that.


You may think I am an ass for saying this, but deep down inside, you agree with me.


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I have Mexican tv channels on my TV


There's this ad for Pepto Bismol which has a wrestler leaving the arena in the middle of the wrestling and the announcer is like "AND HE GOES OUTSIDE! TO THE STORE AT THE RIGHT!" And then it shows the wrestler going to the store,dancing outside the store,and showing the viewers the new tablets for the product

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