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Lagoon Discussion Thread

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I kind of forgot that this topic was here. I went to Lagoon on Saturday and took a few pictures.


This is a picture taken from the lift of Colossus.


This picture was taken from the exit ramp on Spider. You can see what shape and size the station will be.


The whole update can be seen below, I don't think any of you are big enough Lagoon junkies to care, but I gave a link anyway. An interesting thing I saw when I went to take the photo update was the plaque that ACE gave Lagoon for Roller Coaster. I'ts now on display by the exit ramp.



Mike 8)

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Ok, a German newspaper announced that Zierer is building a Tower Launch Coaster for "Salt Lake City". No actual park was named, but could this be the Lagoon coaster ?

Everything matches the rumors and the rendered ride seems to fit the construction site. Especially the trench / tunnel is clearly on this ride as well.


A quick translation:


It will be the biggest coaster ever constructed by Zierer.

It goes to Salt Lake City in the US state of Utah.

It will open in Spring 2007.


name: Tower Launch Coaster

height: 35 m (115 feet)

length: 625 m (2050 feet)

speed: 90 kph (56 mph)

trains: 5 (each one consists of a single car, holding 8 passengers (2 rows of 4))


The trains will be launched vertically along the tower by LSM.

At a height of 35 m (115 ft), the train crests the hill and drops vertically back to earth, reachin a top speed of 90 kph (56 mph).


The ride features a camelback hill (according to the article after the drop, altough the rendering only seems to have a little speed bump), a horseshoe turn, a zero-g roll, an Immelman and a "half pipe" (two compact vertical turns, like a snowboarder or skateboarder would do in a half pipe)


Trains are lapbar-only ! The park insisted on having lapbars instead of the usual over-the-shoulder restraints found on most inverting coasters.


The final tests will be completed at the Zierer factory in Neuhausen (Germany) during the following weeks, then the final containers will be shipped to the USA. A large amount of ride pieces is already on it's way.


The new ride type has a cost of between 4 million and 6 million euro, depending on the size.


Sources: http://www.pnp.de/lokales/news.php?id=38427 & http://www.offenberg.de/aktuelles.html (in German)




Side view.

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The Wild Moues that Lagoon has is a portable version of the ride, and when we saw this ad in Amusement Today, especially with the ride being available after September (after Lagoon's season ends) we thought it *might* be a *possibility* that they *could* be selling it



The mouse in question is the model that operate(d) at Jolly Roger in Ocean City, MD. The park is closing to be redeveloped after the '06 season. The ride operators at the park are all independent (kind of like a permanent independent fair). The owners of the Wild Mouse used to tour with Strates Shows, until they settled down in Ocean City about 5 years ago.





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I sort have to question how well Zierer will be able to pull this off. They aren't particularly used to building non- Kiddie rides, if i am not mistaken. I haven't really ever ridden a Zierer, except maybe one, now that i think about it, and it wasn't particularly smooth. I think this may be a bad move, however cool they layout is.

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^You are mistaken....


Zierer did take over some schwarzkopf contracts, their four man bobs are pretty much ultra smooth.


Lisebergbanan? BMRX anyone?


Don't let apperances fool you, and don't underestimate the quality of german engineering as far as steel rollercoaster are concerned...

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^Agreed! It is a thrill ride for Lagoon and also throws Zierer into the running now with other family ride turned extreme coaster companies like Gerstlauer and Maurer Sohne. Lots of smaller parks can really benefit from this project if it succeeds, which I hope it does! It looks like a really fun, thrilling coaster, and longer than Hypersonic!

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I visit lagoon every weekend durring the season and frankly they really need this ride alot of the rides are pretty old, but they are doing a great job of adding new rides EVERY YEAR. Why couldn't Astro World do this. come on i mean a new coaster every other year, this is almost up to cedar fair standered. I personally think this ride will be better than Maverik. btw, there arnt alot of coasters being built this year. if you look at this link you will see what i mean http://www.rcdb.com/installationresult.htm?column=1,2,3,26,4,5&order=1,2&opened=2007&status=9,13 Now look at this list of rides that were created last year (and i heard that last year the least amount of coasters had been built in years) http://www.rcdb.com/installationresult.htm?column=1,2,3,26,4,5&order=1,2&opened=2006&status=9,13





Saphyria will be the best park ever when it opens in New York in 2026



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Its official:




It's BIG, It's FAST, It's WICKED, and it's coming in 2007. Lagoon announces it's most thrilling coaster, EVER! This state of the art coaster will thrill riders of all ages with its unique ride elements.


Riders will be launched to the top of the 110 ft. tower at speeds close to 41 mph. This element is especially unique as most roller coasters slowly lift riders to the top of the first hill, letting gravity do the rest. Wicked riders will instead be propelled by means of a linear synchronous motor (LSM) drive system, essentially rocketing riders up and over the top of the first hill.


The 8-rider vehicles travel individually and achieve speeds up to 55 mph, passing through steep valleys, high bank turns, half-pipe, heart-roll inversion and more. Riders will be seated in two rows of four, facing forward, with the back row seats elevated above the front row. The lap/leg restraints will provide an exhilarating upper body freedom for riders.


"This ride has been designed for Lagoon and it will be the tallest and fastest coaster at the park." - Dal Freeman, Park Engineer.




There is also a video made in NL that can be viewed at the link above. Looks cool to me! Its odd that we are seeing more LSM coasters now instead of LIMs. Reactions? This definitely isnt what I expected!

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I believe there are LSMs along the spine of the Top Hat as well. I think the slower rate of speed is due to the fact that you are going to have some serious Negative Gs as you are cresting that thing. It seems more like a Eurofighter tower than the crest of Xceler8tor or Kingda Krap. Very sharp in its conversion from up to down. Mabey even less than Dodnpa in Japan.


Looks great though. I will be riding it in June.

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WIcked looks like a great coaster! even though the LSMs might not work properly, this is a great idea Lagoon has! I have a friend that lives in Utah and I might visit him soon! I hope I can visit him soon and be able to ride the coaster!

Anyways, the layout is original and great looking! With tight turns, a zero G roll, and airtime hills proves that Zierer can build a huge coaster! I hope this ride becomes popular with small parks thoughout the world!

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I believe there are LSMs along the spine of the Top Hat as well.

Correct. So maybe there will be some more air time than expected? Even though it maybe highly unlikely, it would be pretty cool if it were to launch you while going vertical, but with the height, not a chance.


I'm still trying to understand the theme of this ride, is it just a generic thrill ride, or does "Wicked" imply something?

I think its suppose to mean something like some Cali surfer dude would say, "That's wickedddddd!", or something like that.

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I'm still trying to understand the theme of this ride, is it just a generic thrill ride, or does "Wicked" imply something?


Well there has been a floating rumor about a power plant idea and how Wicked is the codename for the toxic waste. Other less reliable rumors about the lake being toxic sludge and having a on-ride video. It is easy to tell that there is some kind of toxic barrels in front of the station in this rendering of the ride. Oh and other news, the station has just been painted red!


Lagoons Wicked

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