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Lagoon Discussion Thread

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wow... I'm a little surprised by the reaction this coaster is getting here. I knew it was an enormous step for Lagoon, one that I've been hoping for for a very long time! I just had no idea that non-locals would even care.


Well, I have family in Idaho and Lagoon is just as far away as Silverwood from their house. ...and I always have to go to at least one amusement park when I visit.

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Those trains look really awesome! They remind me of a cross between Eurofighter and B&M Hyper trains. That's cool how the restraints stay horizontal when they are locked down.


I'm a bit confused at the lack of a front railing to keep stupid people from walking off though...


It looks like the lap bars will form enough of a barrier when they are up to keep people from walking off the front of the train.

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^The look like B&M clam shells


the position you hold those restriants in looks very comfortable and natural (one thing I have about some restraints is that the position you hold them in isn't comfortable *coughpremierlapbarscough*) The trians look a lot like B&M hyper trains.

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Two Wicked Photo Updates from LagoonisFun.com!


Wicked Photo Update 03-22-07: www.lagoonisfun.com/forum/index.php?topic=1385.0


Wicked Photo Update 03-24-07: www.lagoonisfun.com/forum/index.php?topic=1392.0


I have heard from someone in Lagoon's Maintenance Department that Wicked is not Expected to Open Until August and the Rides Department Trainings have been Scheduled for Late July.

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