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  1. Steel Eel's custom column support structure was designed out of necessity. The site in and around Steel Eel's lift through the mid-course block contains tons of underground infrastructure (pipes, etc.) running to and from water sources and exhibit buildings. There is no doubt the design added cost both to the ride hardware itself as well as the actual in-ground. The standard steel/turnbuckle structure used on other Morgan Coaster lift hills (and also lots of Arrow Coasters) requires more footings, but all at a fraction of the size/expense of the massive column footings that were needed for
  2. That pretty much sums it up. It was just an overall solid, fun ride. I'd be curious to find out if any of the designers/engineers who worked on it, and/or it's "sister" coaster in TN, moved on to positions with competitors over the years? It has a sister coaster in TN? Where? The other Coasterworks ride was the short lived Thunder Eagle, which operated (mostly hidden from view) just off the Parkway strip in Pigeon Forge. It was dismantled and sent north to Mont Saint-Saveur north of Montreal. The site is home to one of the best (and mostly unknown) waterparks in North Ameri
  3. The three times I went to ride DBH were all on Saturdays in December, when working for Zamperla and visiting clients set up nearby at the Winter Carnival. All three times I paid the ludicrously low unlimited rides pass for the coaster (in the $10-$15 range- a real bargain considering I believe they were asking $6 for a single ride) and rode 7-10 times. Many laps I was the only one on the train. DBH was in many ways the sister ride to SFGAm's Viper (same designer). Built well, great douglas fir track that held up even through Florida's intense climate (compared to Gwazi) and ran 5 car PT
  4. The reality of the situation is the rides in Jersey were involuntarily closed (as in destroyed) and didn't represent a poor business decision like DBH. DBH was a great ride (easily FL's best woodie), but really lost money since it's debut as a stand alone ride. Had Boomers purchased the ride and made it part of their attraction roster/included in POP plan, there could have been hope. Love it or love to not love it, Casino Pier's Star Jet probably paid for itself ten times over the course of it's decade or so of service. It was custom designed to (not quite) mimic the Schwarzkopf Jet Star I
  5. WHAT. Brown Derby, Momma Melrose's, Sci-Fi, and Prime Time? I guess Hollywood & Vine if you want to count a buffet? That's a better variety than Epcot? I agree that Disneyland's dining trumps Magic Kingdom's dining, but I would stop giving DLR the win after that. WDW as a whole has MUCH better dining than DLR, thanks to Epcot and the huge variety of unique resort dining options. I hardly think of Hollywood Studios as the dining theme park capital of North America. But I guess that's just me? Variety was the wrong word, admittedly. I think I was going more for variety
  6. I wish I still worked at Zamperla so I could sell replacement Volares to all the damaged parks in New Jersey. That in and of itself would sell out 18 TPR coaches for a trip- right, Elissa?
  7. I disagree. Most food at DL is hardly at the level of a Chili's or TGIFridays IMO. And this is even with the positive changes they've made in the past year at DCA's restaurants. If the food was better I don't think EoS would be such a big deal. Personally, I'm happy it's here but I'm not rushing down to eat there anytime soon. We ate at the one in Orlando once and it was good, but not even close to the best sandwich I've ever eaten. It's probably on the level of a Jersey Mike's (IMO). Even the Philly Cheesesteak I had at the Ramada hotel in PHI a few months ago was better than Earl of San
  8. No photos, but my general thoughts on Verbolten: Maybe it's social media, countless photo trip reports with construction shots, or just stronger word of mouth. There is little left in the way of surprise when it comes to experiencing a new attraction these days. Even most custom layouts can pretty much be ridden through Keith McVeen's stellar simulations or actual POV footage and provide reasonable expectations based on the park it resides at or manufacturer/designer of the hardware. With that said, here comes Verbolten. Given BGW is not your "typical" park that installs "typ
  9. BGW has had soft openings for attractions in the past (I recall riding Alpengeist in April of 1997- about a month before its "official" opening.) If in fact V-Bolt is cycling for a commercial shoot next week, it wouldn't shock me to see a soft opening. The hang-up here would be the many unique thematic elements (mostly contained within the show building), which the park would likely want to complete prior to opening the attraction to the General Public.
  10. I actually prefer Typhoon Lagoon to Blizzard Beach for the exact reasons you list above. To me, Blizzard Beach is a bit too heavily weighed towards the higher thrill slides (for the average waterpark guest), whereas Typhoon Lagoon has the better mix of family oriented attractions. And I love the old school tube runs built into Mount Mayday. My favorite slides at Blizzard Beach are "Runoff Rapids", which are traditional tube slides. While also topo-driven, they are more commonplace fiberglass tube slides that are elevated above the terrain. Typhoon also has the great wavepool, unique (f
  11. This has become a great thread with interesting comments from both sides (with Rastus making up seemingly one side on his own). With that said, I openly admit to being the Disney Park visitor who is at the gate at opening, and collecting fastpasses as early as possible (getting the next one as soon as I am eligible) for use later in the afternoon/evening. Not sure I ever considered it "cheating" or "breaking rules", as the CMs openly would tell guests (including me the first time I became aware of this) that there was no need to return during the window- just after the minimum return time
  12. The trains being replaced on Sooperdooperlooper are actually second generation trains that were built by (based on the Schwarzkopf design) Giovanola. They were introduced on the ride in 1988. Rest assured that one of HP's goals has been to maintain the ride experience that SDL has delivered since its opening in 1977.
  13. I understand your frustration regarding the September buy-out issue, but it is not as if the park scheduled these just to personally mess with the days you had free. And not to beat a dead horse, but when will people stop complaining about the cost of Six Flags season passes? IMO, they have been vastly underpriced forever and continue to offer one of the greatest values in the entertainment industry. Is SFA not allowed to raise the price of their season pass? Should they just continue to drop the price? Does that make sense for a company emerging from financial reorganization? And r
  14. The ZacSpin makes sense at a park like Grona and in "2nd tier" Flags parks like St Louis and America. From a capacity standpoint, they are essentially adding three new coaster experiences with a combined hourly capacity that a three train coaster like Viper or Goliath will run circles around on their own. Not to say Superman will see waits like it did in 1997 (when the queue snaked all the way down the hill to near Jet Stream), but that ZacSpin may see wait times that can only be described as Yikes.
  15. I've never been one for gimmick rides (unless the gimmick is a really good one). I personally do not understand the appeal in a ride like Kingda Ka or TTD- 18 seconds of ride time after taking a chance waiting in a queue because the ride is more likely than not to go down while waiting. With that said, I do enjoy launch coasters where the launch is but a *part* of the ride/big picture. One ride I keep coming back to (and which may very well be in my top 25 if I ranked coasters) is Powder Keg at Silver Dollar City. It has a perfect launch (sure, it is "only" 0-55 or so, but is done in a
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