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  1. Well there has been a floating rumor about a power plant idea and how Wicked is the codename for the toxic waste. Other less reliable rumors about the lake being toxic sludge and having a on-ride video. It is easy to tell that there is some kind of toxic barrels in front of the station in this rendering of the ride. Oh and other news, the station has just been painted red! Lagoons Wicked
  2. Some news from KSL which gives a lot more information then the website and some great pictures. http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=148&sid=685733
  3. Well it’s officially been announced that the 2007 coaster will be given the name “Wicked.” www.lagoonpark.com Zierer's new rollercoaster being built at Lagoon
  4. In this picture you can see the rumor for the tunnel is no longer a rumor. This Rollercoaster is suprising us all. Thanks to davehi1 from Lagoonisfun fourms.
  5. Yes that is true. I wish they would leave it white. Us locals call it the white rollercoaster and that should stay the same but O well.
  6. You can find every thing on it at www.lagoonisfun.com at the forums. I was at lagoon yesterday and the parking lot is coming out now. I wonder why they didn't take it out before they drilled into the ground. hmmm beats me but anyways the tall pipes have been cut to the ground and have been rumored to be the footers. We will see!
  7. New rumors are coming in that lagoon’s new 2007 coaster’s station will be the parks first real life queue house with dimensions of 62' x 124'.They could also be raising the station so the "under ground" section isn't really under ground It's just under the station. Other rumors suggest that the roller coaster wont be a parking lot theme only that the parking lot will stay under the station and everywhere else it will be torn out. So we have our fingers crossed.
  8. Colossus to get repainted is lagoons newest rumor on lagoonisfun forums Will posted the following: “I just received an email via my contact page that stated Lagoon will be repainting Colossus soon. That was all the email said and didn't give any details. If this info turns out correct, I personally do not think it will happen for this coming year, but I am crossing my fingers that it will happen for the 2008 season.” Lagoon repainted Jet star 2 for the 2005 season it looks like it may be Colossus’s turn in 2007/2008!
  9. haha my bad thanks for letting me know I was kinda confused.
  10. What other choice of cart could they switch to? Curious..... did you hear anything else.
  11. Yeah that is not Lagoons. Lagoons doesn't have the flame lights and that type of wild mouse sign. Its most likely a fairs like you said.
  12. Lagoonperson is correct those rusty tubes are to find firm ground to build on. This coaster must be big because lagoon has never had to have underground supports before.
  13. Yeah over at lagoonisfun fourms we are trying to figure out what they mean by industrial themed. http://www.lagoonisfun.com/forum/index.php?topic=825.msg6250#msg6250
  14. This thread is about lagoon not mormons not your little parks....FOR LAGOON.
  15. Yes, Utah isn't that bad compared to some other states. haha Utah isn't that bad.
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