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  1. On the news reports I've seen (I'm thinking mainly on the KSL 5 report on the news) it's said that Wicked's rails are the thickest ever made. If you look at those pictures too, you can see the part where it will through the tunnel. yay tunnel! Mike 8)
  2. I can't wait for this thing to open. I'm going to be working at Lagoon for pre-season this year, so I'll be one of the first to ride. WOOT WOOT! The track does look a lot like Intamin, but it's not......The rails are a lot thicker. They're the thickest rails on any roller coaster in the world. Why these are needed? I have no idea. Mike 8)
  3. I'm sure most of you have already seen these from the link through screamscape, but I just thought I'd post the link again. Somebody finally got some more pictures of Wicked, and we get to see some track now! This is probably the most track we'll see until a few weeks before the park opens because we finally got our first large snow storm today! (Woohoo skiing!) You can also see the station has been put up as well. So that's probably where most of the work has been going on recently. My friend is going down for the next couple of weeks for supervisor training, so I'll try to have her get some
  4. I kind of forgot that this topic was here. I went to Lagoon on Saturday and took a few pictures. This is a picture taken from the lift of Colossus. This picture was taken from the exit ramp on Spider. You can see what shape and size the station will be. The whole update can be seen below, I don't think any of you are big enough Lagoon junkies to care, but I gave a link anyway. An interesting thing I saw when I went to take the photo update was the plaque that ACE gave Lagoon for Roller Coaster. I'ts now on display by the exit ramp. http://z10.invisionfree.com/LA_Goon/index.php
  5. Lagoon isn't going to be selling thier Wild Mouse. They just got it in 1998. Lagoon is family owned, so they're pretty stingy with spending money. They wouldn't just buy a coaster then almost 10 years later sell it. They'd also have to move Colossus too if the new coaster was going to cause Wild Mouse to be torn down. Since Colossus is the only looping coaster Lagoon has, they wouldn't dare touch it. Mike 8)
  6. Lagoon in Utah has some of the best BBQ type food you'll ever have. It's at a restaurant in Pioneer Village (at the back of Lagoon) called the Olde Mill. They have things like ribs, BBQ chicken, grilled steak, and of course the best barbecued corn you'll ever have! Mike 8)
  7. If I wasn't so deathly afraid of heights I'd do the Boom ride. I would pay $5 to go on the Sky Sling though. But not for the Extreme Swing. 8)
  8. That's what I've heard. Stan is my aun't uncle. Kind of a distant relative. My aunt knowns that I love roller coasters, so she tells me stuff about Stan and what he's doing with his park. Mike 8)
  9. It's open for sure. Here's a link talking about it. http://www.utahstatesman.com/media/storage/paper243/news/2005/09/26/Features/One-Flag.Over.Logan-998084.shtml?norewrite200608062255&sourcedomain=www.utahstatesman.com They changed the name of the park to Celebration something. Mike 8)
  10. I have a couple friends that work at Lagoon. They told me about the industrial theme, but they also told me it's just what they'd been told by other employees. They didn't seemed to convinced that it would actually be industrial themed. I'm not quite sure what "industrial" themed would even be. I'm guessing something along the lines of the Italian Job coasters. I can't think of anything closer to industrial than that, other than I guess Scream. Mike 8)
  11. Sweet! My name is Mike and I'm 15. I live in Utah, so I only get one amusement park, Lagoon. Only 6 roller coasters for now, but it will have 7 next year (apparantly it's supposed to be designed by an Arrow engingeer that went to work for Lagoon after they went bankrupt). Anyway, there's also that S&S Family Fun Park or whatever, but it's pretty small and I haven't been there yet either. Um, non coaster related? I had a brownie for breakfast this morning. Mike 8)
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