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Favorite coaster cars/trains or ride vehicles

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Here are some of my favorites in no order (I might think of more later):


I have always been fond of the cool "paint job" on Montu's cars:

^Picture from RCDB.com


Then again, Sheikra's cars look pretty stellar:

^Picture from JohnnyUpsidedown.com


Also, I love Powder Keg's cars, they fit so well with the theming:

^Picture from ThemeParkReview.com

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Neat bodywork is cool and all, but comfort is paramount to me.


- Joe


Good point. If this were all about comfort, I'd 100% agree with your bottom two pics. Wow, that makes me think.... I really need to get to Dollywood soon. Millennium Flyers are tough to beat.

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Fav. Trains.


-Millennium Force

-TTD with the kick ass theming in 2003

-Expedtion Everest (SP?)

-Son of Beast




-Speed Monster

-Any B&M Hyper Coasters

-Intamin Impulse Coasters



Most Comfortable

-All GCI Trains!

-Intamin Mega or Giga Coasters

-Any B&M Invert or Hyper Coaster

-I Have Heard X?

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Three favorites, eh?




Arrow Mad Mouse car. This one is from Valleyfair! (Photo: Duane Marden, RCDB.)


Millennium Force's slightly oversized Intamin megacoaster trains. (Photo: Joel Rogers, Coastergallery.com)


Corball Express' old school PTC's with single position lap bars. (Photo from RCDB.)

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I have no pictures at the moment, but my three favorite coaster trains would have to be Top Thrill Dragster's, at Cedar Point, Batman Knight Flight's (Dominator) at Six Flags (Geauga Lake) and X-Flight's at Six Flags (Geauga Lake). And yes, I do still call them by their Six Flags names.

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1. X - Although the ride's rough, the seats are just incredibly comfortable, especially when reclined... Lots of lower body freedom too.



2. Tatsu/B&M Flyers - Really secure, comfortable, and padded... Comfortable for me, even when in flying position.



3. Xcelerator/Intamin T-Bars - Lots of freedom and comfort, even with so little leg room... The restraints also feel very safe yet bare.



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