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Favorite coaster cars/trains or ride vehicles

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It is so difficult to pick only one of anything so I made this a top three. Here are my top three coaster cars, as you will see I love mice All pictures were taken from rcdb.


Number One : Zamperla's Mouse Cars (Crazy Mouse @ Playland Park)

Number Two : Vekoma's Mouse Cars (Wild Mouse @ Idlewild Park)

Number Three : Herschell/High Hope's Chicken Train (Chicken Express @ High Hopes Orchard)


Herschell Chicken


Vekoma Mouse


Zamperla Mouse

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These are what all Arrow and Vekoma looping coasters should get. They improve the ride by about 500%.




Notice how bubbily the cars are compared to the pointy Arrow trains found on most Arrow loopers. These bubbily trains are a lot more comfortable, with much more padding on the seats and the backs of the seats. Also, the restraints themselves have a lot more padding on them.


I've been on some older Arrow loopers and Vekoma Boomerangs, and the trains are my only problem with most of them. (Not SFGam's Shockwave, that one had quite a few problems!)

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