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Favorite coaster cars/trains or ride vehicles

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I have a thing for classic trains, both in style and function. NAD Century Flyers, with their heavy padding and single position lap bars, have got to be my favorite to ride.


NAD produced at least one single-headlight train that was also very beautiful. I have a picture of it somewhere but after like an hour of searching I still cannot find it.


PTC produced a number of one-off, custom-designed trains in the 30's and 40's that were quite stunning. Both pictures below are from the book Roller Coasters by Scott Rutherford and are credited to the PTC archive.


If PTC made pilot cars for their new 360 trains like these, they would be far and away my favorite coaster trains ever.


Also these trains are beautiful.


Yay Schwartzkopf!

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And in America we freak out if someone pulls out a cell phone...

Tivoli is weird in that its rules shift between draconian (the loose items policy on the star flyer) and anarchy (the brakemen give no f**ks) from ride to ride.

Probably because if a cell phone falls from a star flyer it could practically kill someone (I get nervous walking under them).

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Here are my favourite coasters cars/trains:


Firehawk's cars at Kings Island:


Photo Credit: Kings Island


Vortex's cars at Canada's Wonderland:


Photo Credit: Canada's Wonderland


Talon's cars at Dorney Park (I find older B&M inverted trains to be more comfortable):


Photo Credit: Dorney Park


Thunderhawk's trains at Dorney Park (Prior to the 2016 Season):


Photo Credit: Dorney Park


There are many other coaster cars and trains that I like but, these are my top four as of now.

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I had a really hard time coming up with an answer to this thread, I guess I just dont really care what trains look like.


With that said... brace yourselves, I'm going to throw a molotov cocktail at this thread.



Probably the coolest trains I've ever seen.


*I'm also not a pussy and don't mind the restraints at all.



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^While I wish the restraints could sit more flat on your thighs, I agree 100% as well!


These trains look great, ride smooth, and you can hardly even tell you are in the train while navigating the course. It feels like you are just being thrown around in the most wonderful way by an unknown force.

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