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Amazing water slides

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I got on Dragon's Tail for the second and third time last month. First time I rode it (earlier this decade, not used to speed slides yet), I hated it and vowed never to ride any speed slides. After giving it a second chance, I loved it enough to ride it again! The airtime slides that are made now don't seem to produce as much airtime anymore, probably because people can hurt themselves if they're not sliding correctly.


Anyways, this is still the most intense water slide I've ever been on.

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That blue slide looks cool, until you get to the last flume that dumps into the sea. I can't see the steps to climb back up anywhere!


Edit: Nevermind, I see it! It is to the left of the last slide. It's in a dark corner and is hidden!

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This little slide on the Sunshine Coast may not look like much, but it is insane. What makes it insane is the absolute lack of safety! The turns are insanely tight and easy to injure yourself on, the first slide lands in a pool where everyone else waits for the second slide, making collisions inevitable and there are NO rules. You can go on your stomach, linked with friends, on your knees etc and the staff don't batt an eyelid.

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Its not one of those 100+ mega slides but I finally did a body slide at Hershey.

I was worried about wedgie but that was fine, the landing was violent though!

Going at a quick speed into that water at the end....WOW! I was blind, deaf, had water in my nose and one of my legs was going over a side.

IDK how people ride those crazy huge ones.

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Any old school body slide that has more speed than thought or as you remember as a kid with airtime and a nice concrete pool to splash into at full speed for a full skin scraping experience


The first set of water slides I went on as a kid and they are still insane--the Kamikaze and Corkscrew set at Wild Water Works in Hamilton.


**Edit--Just checked their site and it looks like they ripped out the body slides recently and replaced them with two more raft slides


I guess body slides either considered dangerous in today's world or past their prime. I'll miss those out out of control rides.

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