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Amazing water slides

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I'm a water slide fanatic as well as a rollercoaster fanatic, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any PRATICULARLY awsome/amazing water rides, or doy ou ahve any photos?

Because usually just as I think I've seen it all, I discover a new ride, awsomer than anything I ever knew.


Please note I already know about:

-"Boomerango" style slide(Where the tube goes up a wall and back down)

-Pretty much anything you can find on RCT3:soaked(except vertical slides and body slides that go upwards)

-Funnel slides and bowl slides

-Master blasters(Though Id still love to see cool pictures of those)



Also note that although gigantic slalom slides arent really too special, I still think they rock, so if you have any cool photos of them, I'd love to see.

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Every now and then I keep hearing about this water slide that relases water after your 1/2 down the slide.


Like, the guard presses a button, and a box of water lets out and give you a 'boost'. If I remember right, it's like in Idaho or California...

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The Cannonball. It is a mild enclosed slide that ends 12 feet above the water.


When I rode it, I thought, "This is boring. And here's the end already. *go through end* wait. THE WATER's 12 FEET BELOW ME! AAAA!" *splash*


Or "H2 Oh No!" This is a normal speed slide... with a 110 foot drop.


Or the Cliff Diver. A short slide that ends 18 feet above water level. "AAAAAA!" *splash*

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Can you show me pictures of those two?

Ive ridden slides that end in mid-air before, but they were about 1 meter long.


that cliff diver one sounds interesting.



also, I read in the book of records that the slide "insano" at some beach in I think brazil is the world's tallest slide, but after I googled it I could just swear that Ive seen many taller slides. even in my home park, and we have relatively lame rides here.






I mean, doesn't that look short to you?



To shorten the conversation, I'll jsut assume that it isn't REALLY the world's tallest slide. in that case, what is?

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Ahh good old action park and their looping waterslide!


Um, there are a lot of awesome waterpark attractions out there. Hopefully I will have more time to post some links, in the meantime if you feel like looking it up...


- Water Jump - Aqua Paradise Park, Italy

- Every attraction at Wild Rivers, Irvine, CA

- All of those slides where they release the water half way (it's insane!)

- Screamin Mimi - Waterworld, Denver, CO

- Downhill Double Dipper - Blizzard Beach, Florida

- The red/white/blue slides at Dorney!


And more!

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- The red/white/blue slides at Dorney!


I was going to mention those. Those slides were insane.


Rode them like 3 times and I never survived hitting the water. All I remember is face planting on the water, and then standing up at the end of the pool.


You hit the water at such speed that the tube just digs into the water and catapults the riders off.

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That looping waterslide looked like a piece of crap. It looks like it was made out of tube and duct tape and just lets you out into a pond. Also, the park also looks like crap. It just looks like an area with no paths and themeing and just water slides along the way. I would never go to that park.


Anyway, like two others mentioned, the Patriot Slides at Dorney Park are crazy. They are my favorite tube slides. I also think Teamboat Springs at Blizzard Beach is cool.

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at SFNE, we have two unique waterslides in the SF chain.


Tornado which opened in 2003 when we recieved the waterpark expansion. We were the first SF park to recieve it. After the first season, they modified the entrance to the slide so that you didn't go too far up the sides.


Typhoon, opened in 2005 which is dubbed a water coaster. Similar to the ones at schlitterbahn, but these use conveyer belts to bring the riders up the hills.




Tornado with the original tube entrance. They modified it so you make a U-Turn, then go down the drop. That's what all current SF Tornados are based off of.

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As for the looping water slide - AWSOME.


Even though it says that there were many injuries on it, Id still go on it, assuming that the majority of people going on it ended up fine.


it looks like fun and something you dont get ot do very often. if at any point in your life at all.


as for the other rides in that park - Id idnt read about them. Im scared of pages with a lot of text and most wiki articles fi that description. if there are any other relaly cool rides written about there, can anyone summerize it for me? Id appreiate it alot.



As for Shlitterbahn - I saw a documentary TV show that consintrated ont hat park and it was AWSOME. that park RULES, and theres so much more than you have posted about it.

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Well everysingle mat slide I have been on are some of my favorites. My most favorite was V-max at manteca water park unfortuanalty closed. But out of all the rides that are still open my favorite is stealth (5 storie half pipe slide) at golfland sunsplash.

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I love the mat waterslides. They had one at Wet'n'Wild in Vegas that if you went down right you could get some serious air as it had a decently sized double down at the end. Also like the bowl slides, especially the ones that are totally enclosed because then you can have special effects in the ride. I think Wet'n'Wild had a disco ball or something like that. I've heard Noah's Ark and a few other water parks have some awesome slides as they are more like a dark ride mixed with a waterslide.

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From what I've heard of this slide, the description at the bottom of the page linked above is pretty accurate. I also seem to recall someone mentioning that there was a door in the top of the section between the ramp and the loop in case you didn't make it over (which sounds very painful).

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