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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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First piece of Topper Track has arrived!



I am way more excited about this than I should be. This coaster looks simply amazing, and knowing how 1.) Well themed Outlaw Run is and 2.) What an amazing coaster Outlaw Run is, it makes me even more excited! We have been planning a Dollywood trip for so long, and thankfully we are doing a VIP Tour there next season! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

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Yes that's the maintenance track down there. It will use an elevator transfer track system similar to Mystery Mine.


Now if only that section of track could be a "free fall drop" during normal operations!!


What... we can dream right?! I mean the video did say "stay tuned for more."

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Ok I know I'm super late on commenting but I've been trying to keep up with this thread but JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!!! I'm completely 1000% blown away by this layout. As if RMC didn't already steal my number one manufacturer spot and constantly outdo themselves, there they go again changing the game! Like I really couldn't breathe on announcement day. Is anyone else completely freaking out like me? Like I know how disappointing it is to overhype a new coaster but I don't see anyway this ride experience could be flawed. It's a damn shame I've yet to ride an RMC coaster :/

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Love the coaster, hate the Dolly Parton.

*gently weeps*


I love her.


But this looks like a really exciting addition.. I haven't been to the park since I was in middle school (way before Wild Eagle), so I have a lot to catch up on.

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I don't "hate" Dolly Parton at all, but I'm not really a fan either... Does it make me a bad person if I say the best thing about Dolly Parton is Dollywood?

Not at all! That's pretty much how I feel too. I'm not really a fan of country music in general; give me the Smiths, R.E.M., They Might Be Giants, Depeche Mode, or Death Cab for Cutie--those people know how to speak to my life. I can appreciate that Dolly is very good at what she does, one of the best in her field, and for that she gets my respect. But her songs don't get inside my head, and that's all right. Different music for different people. We'd be pretty boring if we were all the same and liked the same things.

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Whoever said they hate Dolly, just remember one very important thing: If there were no Dolly, then there would be no Dollywood!

I also think it's a safe bet to say that without Dolly's involvement in this park, Silver Dollar City, TN would not be nearly as successful in 2015 as Dollywood is in the year 2015.


Most of us here in the South revere Dolly, as do millions of fans worldwide.

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^Here's some photos I took Sunday:



Entrance plaza/Ride Station



Looking towards the lift hill/launch



Topper Track!



Just a small section has been installed in the loading station.



Closer look.



The support for the top of the lift hill/launch has gotten bigger since the previous week.


Not much else to report really. I'll try to get out there at least once/twice a month to keep doing updates. We should also be able to do a construction tour this winter once all of the track is installed.

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^^^good pictures, construction is moving swiftly.

I asked a question on the SFDK thread that i want to talk about here. I would really like to hear opinions on this.


What if (possible but probably won't happen for a while if the idea were to pop up in Adam Schilke's head.) RMC were to ever put floorless trains on a coaster? It would involve designing a new train, floor mechanisms, etc. But it really wouldn't be a hassle IMO. It would really enhance the ride experience and it would be a record holder for the first floorless wooden coaster (sounds weird saying it). This is only me dreaming but its CERTAINTLY not a bad idea, and it is CERTAINTLY not impossible or complicated whatsoever. What do you guys think? I just wanted to leave something fun to talk/think about on the thread while construction progresses.


-- I was thinking of a train:

*Two seater

*Restraints/seats similar to Hollywood Rip Rocket

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I've been doing some research of my own but could use a second opinion - are there any recommended cheap and / or reasonable hotels to the east of the park? I'm thinking of staying in Newport, as I'm willing to drive an hour to / from the park on the day I go (Tuesday the 8th) to save me the extra time when driving to my final destination in Georgia.


Also, I'm assuming that I'm making a good move in spending the day AFTER Labor Day in the park, yes?

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I like her version of I will always love you that doesnt make all the glass around me explode.

Thank you!


She is the original artist to release the song, as well as the writer and composer. I don't know why the Whitney Houston version has drowned Dolly out so much (probably can't hear her over the screams of Whitney Houston).


I absolutely love Dolly for her music as well as her image, personality, drive, and of course Dollywood! If only more artists developed theme parks with their millions!

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