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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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^The writer had never heard of the place before and thought it was funny that an old country singer had this huge amusement park. They probably overemphasize her emphasis in the park's theme.

Exactly what I was thinking. In terms of overall weirdness, yeah, I'd say it doesn't belong. But I see the intended point. It is a bit unusual for a celebrity to have their own theme park!

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Apparently, Dollywood is also one of the 'top ten' weirdest parks according to Time... whatever that's supposed to mean. I can see how the others may earn the title, but am confused how DW does...?




Dollywood is the "oddball" of that list in that it's an excellent, well-themed park. The other parks listed, such as Bon Bon Land (which is a good park) and the Holy Land Experience, make more sense.


Looks like the author was reaching to find "weird" U.S. parks.

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^The one at Marineland seemed to operate with little trouble when we visited back on the Behemoth/Ravine Flyer II Tour. Plus there haven't been any issues with the other installations that have been publicized as much as Timber Tower's were.


The one at Walygator was down when TPR visited in 2008, but many of the rides were closed as the weather was not ideal.

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Today, I was fortunate enough once again to represent Theme Park Review for a special media event at Dollywood. I am sure you have all heard that Wild Eagle was going to have a large metal eagle sculpture placed in the plaza for the ride. Well, today was the day for it to be installed in place!


This will be a two-part update with the second part probably being posted after this weekend. Waiting on the go-ahead from the park to post some extra special photos for you guys!


The first part will focus on the installation of the sculpture. So, on to the photos!


Here is the video showing the installation of the eagle's body plus interviews with Sculptor, Kevin Stone and Pete Owens, Dollywood Public Media Relations.



Good morning Wild Eagle! Theme Park Review is here to cover the installation of the world's largest metal eagle sculpture


The media came out in full force today to cover this huge event for the park and their new coaster!


And there it is! This is one massive eagle!!


And here is the man that built the sculpture: Kevin Stone of Metal Animation!


A close-up of Kevin's amazing creation!


Here are the wings that will be installed after the eagle's body is hoisted into place. I believe the span from one tip of the wings to the other will be over 60 ft.!


From Wild Eagle's loading station, you can get a better feel for the size of the wings. That trailer has to be at least 40 feet long!


To lift the world's largest steel eagle sculpture, it doesn't hurt to have a crane handy.


This will be the final resting place for the sculpture. We see you back there hiding Wild Eagle Gift Shop! And Tennessee Tornado. :-)


Kevin Stone was available for interviews to talk about the process of creating this mammoth of a sculpture!


Now, its time to hoist the body into place!


Make it go this way!


Steady now!


This was definitely a delicate operation. They couldn't exactly order another one before the ride opened! ;-)


Just a little more to go!


Why don't you just go HOME?!? That's your HOME! Or you to good for your home?!? Answer me!


And it's home!


Not only did Kevin Stone create and manufacture the sculpture, he also installed it!


And the first wing is being installed! (Photo courtesy of Pete Owens, Dollywood)


And here is a little teaser for part 2 of this update! We had to leave before the wings were installed due to some delays, so hopefully we will get more finished photos of the eagle sculpture up with the second update! Thanks for reading! Video to come later tonight!

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^^ If I had to guess the truck came back there on the maitnenance roads that run behind the park and come down behind Adventure Mountain.


Anyways, this looks great. Glad to see Dollywood making the ride fit in perfectly with the rest of Wilderness Pass as if the ride has been there for years! The park does it right everytime and I'm glad to see Wilderness Pass finally being "complete"!

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