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AAHHHHahhhhAHHHHahhhAHHHHahhhhAHHHH.... HELPus!!!!!!!!


This probably the hardest I laughed out of all the funny antics that you do!!! I just love the random vids like these!!! Keep em coming for great laughs!!


My god you and Joey got that thing spining like crazy!! I'm surprized the thing didn't unhook and fly into orbit around the earth!!


I love those spin and spew rides. I myself try and get them spinning as fast as I can too!!


Ha next time you folks ever ride a spin and spew like that. You should get as many people on as you can and see who can spin the fastest!!

And get a vid of it to show the rest of us all the fun filled antics!!

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Ok now I'm mad. There were only families riding those dragons when I was at Riverview and no one was spinning them. If I had known about the spinning I would have given it a whirl.


The park is pretty weak, even the chocolate covered peanuts that I bought were horrible (and overpriced).

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I have to apologize for the shakiness of the footage but I was laughing so hard it was hard to hold it still!!!!


Also, I haven't actually downloaded the video yet, but there was one point when I pointed the camera at the operator because he was falling over laughing as well!

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At least it looks like there's more room in the ride then some teacups.


The kiddy teacups we squeezed into at SDC were barely big enough for two adults squeezed sideways. We got those one's spinning at a revolution a second(I counted the video frame by frame).

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