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SeaWorld San Diego (SWSD) Discussion Thread

P. 61: Arctic Rescue announced!

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I'm pretty sure that the bill would prohibit SeaWorld from moving the Orcas once it is passed. I wonder if SeaWorld might move some of them before hand if it looks like this bill has a chance.


California is definitely the one state that has no problem burning bridges with multi-million dollar businesses over taxes/regulations...

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"We're very proud of the work we do and how we do that," Atchison said today. "The animal activist community, they don't necessarily burden themselves with facts, and we have to deal with that from time to time."


I absolutely love this quote!


The one thing I have noticed with a lot of the bandwagon followers of Blackfish and this petition, is that once you provide them with some educated opinions on the matter, they tend to shut up because they don't have enough knowledge to fight back. Been my experience anyway. I do not by any means consider myself an expert on the subject, however I have taken the time and effort to listen to both sides of the argument, which the majority of these "activists" have not.

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Not sure yet if this is good news but the assembly here in California has elected their new leader and she is from San Diego. I would like to think that she will keep the bill banning the Orca's from seeing the light of day.

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Hey guys,


I had an awesome evening at SeaWorld San Diego last night for the team member preview of explorer's reef! The place looks great. I frequently forgot that we were still in SWSD.


There was a variety of entertainment, some great food, and a first look at the summer's new fireworks show (they got rid of the Into the Blue music!)


I have plenty more pictures, so let me know if you want to see more.


Schedule of events


Bubble man entertainment that will be around the park this summer


They brought back the band for this year!


Much nicer entrance. Wave lights up occasionally.



On your way out


Just one of the many exhibit photos I took. There's a lot to see and experience right up front!

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Oh, by the way, Happy SeaWorld San Diego month! March 2014 was officially recognized by our mayor to be SeaWorld San Diego Month in honor of their 50th anniversary.


(I think this also suggests that bill will be stomped to the ground.)

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On Facebook, I was just accused of "taking a blood oath to defend theme parks until the day I die." All because I disagreed with someone who believes that SeaWorld ships animals out for slaughter. She wouldn't listen to anything I had to say, never mind the fact that a huge part of my family has worked at SeaWorld San Diego, including some with the animals. They're all staunch supporters of SeaWorld because they have seen the truth about the park first hand.


Blackfish has done so much damage and that Assemblyman should be smarter than to try to introduce a bill just because he saw a movie.

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The bill stalls in committee. Won't be brought up again until next year. By that time maybe things will get back to normal.


SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A California bill that sought to end killer whale shows at SeaWorld in San Diego and phase out their captivity was put on hold Tuesday, dousing an escalating fight between animal activists and a major tourist attraction.




The bill's author, Democrat Richard Bloom of Santa Monica, agreed during the first committee hearing for AB2140 to revisit his proposal after further study.


As a result, the bill is dead for this year and the soonest lawmakers could vote on the proposal would be mid-2015 following additional hearings.


"It's unfortunate that much of the conversation has been fueled ... by fear and invective and misinformation," Bloom said. "It's clear that many committee members are simply unprepared to make a decision on the bill."


Bloom was inspired by the 2013 documentary "Blackfish" in which filmmakers argue that captivity and mistreatment of orcas make the animals aggressive and has led to attacks on trainers.


Public outrage over the movie drove 1.2 million people to sign a petition supporting the bill that was delivered to the Assembly Monday by three elementary school students who successfully stopped an overnight school field trip to SeaWorld.


Dozens of animal rights activists packed the hearing room on Tuesday to support the bill, with more who were unable to get seats waiting outside.


SeaWorld dismisses their contention that orcas are too intelligent and too large for captivity and says the arguments are based on emotion and distortions from the movie.


The stance of the marine park was supported by business and tourist groups.


SeaWorld San Diego houses 10 killer whales, Under the bill, the animals would be moved into a larger sea pen and could not be bred.


Lobbyist Scott Wetch told lawmakers the bill would likely result in SeaWorld sending its orcas to parks outside the state.




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^I wish that much energy would be put into fighting poverty, reducing violence, creating jobs, embracing diversity & improving our educational systems. So many more useful causes that people could be focusing on other than a confused public agenda spawned by a jaded documentary.

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^I wish that much energy would be put into fighting poverty, reducing violence, creating jobs, embracing diversity & improving our educational systems. So many more useful causes that people could be focusing on other than a confused public agenda spawned by a jaded documentary.


Remember that this is California we are talking about...

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^That's politics in general. Not limited to just California (though California does have plenty of terrible laws…). Politicians will do anything for money and publicity. I'm sure no one outside of Santa Monica even knew who this guy was until he authored this bill.


This was nothing more than an attention and money grab for the guy. Glad it didn't get anywhere.

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I'm glad the bill is getting postponed (basically killed if I understand politics right?) but it's still sad to me that 1.4 million people blindly signed this petition, and even a children's class now won't get to see the whales they're being told they should rage against.

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I was amused by one paragraph in this article about the stalled bill: http://www.examiner.com/article/anti-seaworld-law-inspired-by-blackfish-gets-beached-california:


Meanwhile, Heart, which had . . . cancelled [a gig at SeaWorld Orlando], promptly played a concert at a rodeo. Anyone familiar with animal rights issues knows that rodeos have been under attack by PETA and other groups for years, yet the band had no problem supporting such an event when there was no activist outcry.


I guess Heart hates cows and horses?

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Hey everyone. My wife and I are going to Seaword SD for our honeymoon with our 3 year old on Monday June 23rd. Had some questions for anyone who is a regular around San Diego and Seaworld.


First off, how will crowds be? Should we get the pass that gets us through the lines and VIP seating at the shows? I read somewhere that the shows (especially the whales) fill quick and if your not In line early your screwed. We are planning to be there from the time it opens to the time it closes with a 2 hour nap time in the middle.


Next do they have the souvenir cups that get you free refills for the day? Lastly, we're planning on spending Sunday doing stuff around San Diego. What are some fun inexpensive stuff we can do with a 3 year old and a 6 month along pregnant wife?


Any help and input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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