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  1. Oh, by the way, Happy SeaWorld San Diego month! March 2014 was officially recognized by our mayor to be SeaWorld San Diego Month in honor of their 50th anniversary. (I think this also suggests that bill will be stomped to the ground.)
  2. Hey guys, I had an awesome evening at SeaWorld San Diego last night for the team member preview of explorer's reef! The place looks great. I frequently forgot that we were still in SWSD. There was a variety of entertainment, some great food, and a first look at the summer's new fireworks show (they got rid of the Into the Blue music!) I have plenty more pictures, so let me know if you want to see more. Schedule of events Bubble man entertainment that will be around the park this summer They brought back the band for this year! Much nicer entrance. Wave lights up occasionally. On your way out Just one of the many exhibit photos I took. There's a lot to see and experience right up front!
  3. Breaking news! New baby killer whale at SWSD. Just born this morning. http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/baby-killer-whale-orca-seaworld-191242771.html
  4. This is exciting! I love the idea of a trackless, moving motion simulator combined with the on-screen effects that will be provided for the penguin. This should be very interesting!
  5. I don't know what others think, but I will be relieved if this wingrider name has nothing to do with a winged creature Personally, I think "High Excitement Jet-Boat-Car" fits in well with TTD
  6. Manta @ SWSD. I've witnessed a walk-o-shame every time I've been. Even last weekend, I saw one that really surprised me (and I'm sure they didn't see it coming either). Manta is already notorious for its weight discrimination, but what can they do?! Would it really be better if they started screening more people at the entrance just because they "appear large"? They apparently have an extra train designed with the heavyset in mind, but that has yet to be implemented... (plus, how does something like that work? Would you board like the handicapped entrance for Space Mountain?) That said, the seats are realllllllly snug and cozy for the "average person"....which is good only for the "average person"
  7. if I can handle them.... ha! You mean the $30 wednesday-thursday wristbands?
  8. ^we'll be staying within walking distance, so no driving just getting up early and getting to the gates for disneyland early I really hope you're right about the crowd being light, haha. Only other time I went was during Spring Break....another crowd nightmare
  9. Awesome! I've never been to the fair. I'm looking at prices and trying to decide what to do. (there are 2 of us). I mainly can't decide if game coupons are worth it and how many ride coupons are worth getting. Do you ever go for the mega packs or the one-price wristbands? Or just the $15 25-ticket ride sheet? What do you guys do?
  10. Going to Cars Land tomorrow!!! Can't wait! But we're staying an extra day to go to Disneyland on Friday (might as well ). I can't make up my mind whether the Disneyland crowd will be at all relieved due to DCA opening on that day. People's thoughts? What will Disneyland be like friday?
  11. I was 11 when we went to Cedar Point for the first time. Skipping over every other ride in the park, my dad drug me straight to Corkscrew and said "we're riding this, you and me, right now". I felt sick. I didn't want my first coaster to go upside-down. Turns out, after some convincing, I got on the ride and LOVED it!!! Then I rode every ride that I could in the park. Now I've been there every year since and Corkscrew is another outdated Arrow. Roller Coaster Tycoon also helped fuel my early obsession
  12. ^^I blame the seagulls for vandalism. They crapped all over Manta, even before the thing started testing! back in April...
  13. That's so frustrating! If I ever saw someone doing that, I'd slap them. Respect the ride And yeah, they gotta put up a make-shift fence or something for the aquarium, because line-jumping is just uncalled-for. Can't wait to ride again! I hear it's changed so much over the weekend. (also, I want to ride at Night )
  14. Disneyland for Cars Land in June, then Knotts for the first time ever! Then Magic Mountain to relive some of my favorites Still haven't been on Green Lantern of course, SeaWorld SD any weekend inbetween
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