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SeaWorld San Diego (SWSD) Discussion Thread

P. 61: Arctic Rescue announced!

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  • 2 weeks later...

SeaWorld San Diego has sent us a press release about their brand new AnimalVision streaming cameras!


For nearly five decades SeaWorld® has connected guests to the natural world through innovative animal habitats and inspiring shows. With the launch of AnimalVision™, 24/7, on-habitat cameras stream footage to customized interactive websites, allowing visitors to create a connection right from the comfort of home at http://www.AnimalVision.com .


Fans can check out sea turtles, some of the ocean’s most graceful animals; enjoy the antics of Antarctic penguins racing through the water or waddling around their icy habitat; and see a school of stingrays gliding past their screen.


“AnimalVision allows our guests and fans to deepen their connection with animals. For some guests, being able to see these remarkable animals at the park and then continuing that voyage of exploration at home serves as a reminder about the important role we all play in helping these animals. For those planning a park visit, seeing our animals up-close will get families excited about visiting in person,” said Anne Fischer, director of interactive marketing for SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.


Animal habitat cameras have proven to be popular for SeaWorld and animal fans alike. In 2012 during a six-week partnership with Discovery Channel, fans across the country spent an astounding 1.5 million hours watching penguins in SeaWorld San Diego’s Penguin Encounter® via a streaming camera feed.


Building on that success, AnimalVision provides animal camera fans with an interactive experience that goes beyond simply watching the animals demonstrating their natural behaviors. The new platform will feature:

  • Video web portal designed to be viewed from any computer, smartphone or tablet
  • The ability to take, share and save photos of their favorite video moment
  • Live Twitter feeds share comments with other AnimalVision viewers and interactive “ask the experts” sessions with animal trainers and zoological staff
  • Education and conservation information and facts about each featured species
  • Downloadable games
  • Additional animal species will be showcased in the near future


Each of the six cameras is high definition for the best viewing experience possible, including multiple viewpoints of the habitats. The cameras at SeaWorld Orlando’s newest attraction, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin™, show four different species of penguins both in the water and up on the ice. At Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark® in San Antonio, more than 200 stingrays and tropical fish including various species of angel, tang and butterfly fish are seen from shallow and deep underwater viewpoints. Turtle Reef® at SeaWorld San Diego features more than 40 threatened green sea turtles ranging in age from four to 50 years old with a view of the 280,000-gallon aquarium they call home.


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  • 1 month later...

While an Intamin Mega-Lite would be nice in this (or any) park, I don't believe something like that would be likely to happen due to the height ordinances that the park has reportedly struggled with for many years. I believe that Manta's low-to-the-ground design was specifically chosen with that restriction in mind.

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^ I've hear that they have had an easier time with it now that Donna Frye isn't in office anymore.


I still can't believe that they got Atlantis approved. It still looks like a bunch of grain silos. I've heard that the yellow tower that is just bare steel is apparently unfinished. Of course I also heard that the original JTA design (not the alien themed one) would've been much more beautiful if they had been able to get it approved. I remember seeing concept art of it when I was little, it featured a single tower with water running down the sides if my memory serves me correctly.

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In San Diego, where ordinances are not coaster-friendly, I would think Sea World should focus more on dark ride-style attractions.


Turtle Trek is something I'd like to see in San Diego, especially since Turtle Reef is already there.

Do we really want to see a dark ride after seeing what Orlando did with Penguins? It would be nice to see SWSD do a descent dark ride.

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In San Diego, where ordinances are not coaster-friendly, I would think Sea World should focus more on dark ride-style attractions.


Turtle Trek is something I'd like to see in San Diego, especially since Turtle Reef is already there.


God no. Turtle Trek is an obnoxiously loud, terribly animated, nauseating, 4 minute commercial for picking up trash. I love SeaWorld to death, but the last two additions to Florida have really missed the mark.


Those webcams, though. Awesome!

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In San Diego, where ordinances are not coaster-friendly, I would think Sea World should focus more on dark ride-style attractions.


Turtle Trek is something I'd like to see in San Diego, especially since Turtle Reef is already there.

Do we really want to see a dark ride after seeing what Orlando did with Penguins? It would be nice to see SWSD do a descent dark ride.



Maybe a Dark Ride by a company that has built dark rides before? Sally with ETF?

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I think you stick with Oceaneering for the ride vehicle, but you dump the company who was responsible for the screens based media.


Is the ride still breaking down every 3 hours?


Forbidden Journey used to break down every five minutes, but nobody is blackballing the Kuka Arms.

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I think you stick with Oceaneering for the ride vehicle, but you dump the company who was responsible for the screens based media.


Is the ride still breaking down every 3 hours?


Forbidden Journey used to break down every five minutes, but nobody is blackballing the Kuka Arms.



Yeah but stuff happens on that ride. Not just 3 scenes and a penguin exhibit.

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  • 1 month later...
Got back from an amazing visit to SWSD!


I got 12 rides in a row on Manta in one hour this morning! It was my 3rd visit today and I'm really enjoying this park and I can just feel on how well the park is operated.

Indeed it was an amazing morning.


If/when I can, I'll post a trip report about it today or tomorrow.

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I happened to be there yesterday too, representing TPR for a "Blogger Symposium" the park hosted to give a nice overview of what the park does for its animals and guests. It was a fantastic day that featured a frank Q&A session, a sampling of some of their backstage educational programs, delicious food, and even a dolphin encounter!


At the end of the day, the biggest takeaway was that everyone who works at the park is very passionate about what they do and love their jobs. Thank you to Sea World and their fantastic team for hosting!


Now onto the photos...


The morning started at Sea World's Camp & Education Center, which hosts all sorts of programs ranging from day camps to week long work experience programs for High School kids (there's dorms on site!)


They had representatives from many different departments giving an overview of what they did and telling their story of how they ended up at Sea World (common thread: they all fell in love with animals at some point)


Here's some fun facts on Sea World for you!


The mammal department is responsible for all the mammals that are not in shows and handles rescues. The 439 animals rescued last year was a new record and required them to get all hands on deck: help was flown in from all the other Sea World/Busch parks and directors from every department pitched in too. Sea World will never turn away an animal in need!


Sea World is very proud of the fact they have been recognized as the San Diego recycler of the year 16 times! They take great care and limiting the amount of waste: everything they can recycle (even food!), they will!


The water quality department is responsible for keeping all the tanks filled to the right temperatures and sanitized 24/7. They test ALL the water every 3 hours, and are proud of the fact they are the only Sea World that actually is on an Ocean and pumps water from the ocean, treats it for their use, then returns it even cleaner than it came in!


The Avian department has its own rescue branch, where they rescue (among others) 100-300 pelicans a year.


Aquariums department also has their own rescue arm, responsible for (amongst other) rescuing Sea Turtles, which due to tides is at least a year long commitment.


As mentioned, the education and conversation department creates all those fun programs and works very closely with the state to ensure their curriculums actually meet the science teaching standard. Education & Conservation are still the key values that drive Sea World!


Once the introductions were done, our first stop was the "Shark Lab", where kids got to pet sharks. Personally, I think they are just breeding an army of Sharks with laser beams...


They also had a Shark incubator, so you can see baby sharks coming to life! Creepy, but cool!


Then it was off to the backstage Humboldt penguin enclosure. They are one of the few warm weather penguin species, and their poop apparently makes such great fertilizer, Sea World had to work with agencies in Peru to ensure the harvesting of their poop didn't destroy their habitat!


We also got an overview of their rescue program. This one of the two rescue trucks in their fleet and some of the equipment they use in transporting rescues.


Shark rescuing equipment.


Look at all the crap they find inside their rescued animals. During the Q&A, their team raised a great point: "captivity or wild…there's no right or wrong, they're just different." All the crap we put into the wild certainly makes this a great argument!


The adorable pup was hanging out in one of their rescue tanks, being like "I'm so cute, thanks for saving me Sea World!" He had an eye problem from getting caught in a fishing net if I remember right.


This guy was so malnourished, he is pooping rocks he ate because he was so hungry. Sea World will get him back to health, but did you know it is actually a government agency that makes the final call about releasing into the wild? Sea World only offers recommendations that the agency was either approve or deny.


Sea World has some general use pools backstage that can be used for medical, rescues, or anything else. Here's some Dolphin's chilling back there. Not pictured is a separate area just for oiled animals that is not connected to sea worlds normal water circulation system in order to avoid contamination. That is where larger rescued animals go as well.


After those tours, it was time for lunch. Pro tip: Sea World's food is delicious! Here is some Brisket (which is smoked for 10 hours before being served) and Pulled Pork. The rolls are also freshly made each day and never reused.


They also had marinated chicken and shrimp tacos, along with all the freshly made sides! I spoke to the director of their foods department, and you can tell he is VERY proud of all of Sea World's offerings. They have everything from the BBQ, freshly made calzones, freshly made burgers (with a good selection of beer in the old brewery tour building), and even a stir fry! I seriously didn't realize how much good food Sea World had until yesterday…I'd rank it right up there with the best!


Here is said beer taps!


After lunch, we got to experience the Dolphin Encounter (an upcharge experience, but well worth it IMO), which started with a Q&A with a trainer


…and then went to a section of the pool separated from the normal exhibit, for an up close experience with the dolphins!


Don't mind me, just holding my hand out in the water as a way of telling the dolphin to stay in place. They normally do this so they can perform medical checks. The experience was seriously very cool! All the kids in the group (children of the invited bloggers) loved it.


The tour concluded with a visit to Shamu Stadium, to get an up close view of the Orca's and a Q&A with trainers.


Kids in the group even got a chance to feed them snowballs! This, IMO, will do WAY more for animal/environment conservation than any protest ever could. The kids will all remember this forever. BTW, the one getting fed is one of Tillikum's offspring---certainly isn't the menacing, evil, whale that a certain movie would want you to believe!

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As of yesterday, Feb. 8th, I took a long trek from LA to San Diego to go to SeaWorld! I got to meet up with XYZCoaster (Sebastian) and ride Manta a good fourteen times.


On the road. Up and at 'em since 6:30 this morning.


Unfortunately, Atlantis was down for its annual refurb...so no rides on Atlantis today. Boo. Oh well. Maybe next time. I got the fun card though.


Fun fact: If you get to the park at least an hour or an hour and a half before park opening, you get free parking! It's good to save $15.


A look at Explorer's Reef


At this point, I met up with Sebastian and we marathoned Manta for an hour straight.


Us having too much fun yelling "YOLO!" and "Waffle!" at the launch.


After our record-breaking twelve rides on Manta in one hour, we saw some smoke rise in the distance? Could that be the flaming anger of the Blackfish producers?


Reef Runner >>> Wonder Woman[s Lasso


Exit to your rig. Noted.


Shark time! Where are the frickin' lazer beams!?


Promotional image for SeaWorld's new Gerstlauer spinning coaster: Sharknado: The Ride!


Time for Wild Arctic....or also known as the time machine back to the 90's!


Also great for making awkward Star Tours references. "I found the rebel spy!" "Light speed to Endor!" "We landed at Hoth!" "It's a trap!"


At the Arctic base trying to find where McReady left the snow dog...(You better get that reference or there's someTHING wrong with you.)


Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun. Dun.


OMG!!! 90's FOOD! NOSTALGIA!!!!!!


The one kind thread nobody likes replies on. Also the one kind of meat nobody likes.


Stay tuned for part two!

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I hate to break this to you, but yes, there is a part two of this update.


Watching a Walrus spit out and then suck up his food over and over again is always better than riding Green Lantern....especially if you're a guy.




I mean, just look at these tanks. They're bath tubs! It's not like people complain about living in tight apartments or work in small spaces.


Alright folks, we stepped into the 90's...now we're stepping back into the 80's!


I just love the smell of rotten fish!


Got any beer?


Shipwreck Cafe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> x infinity Food Ect.


They have an open Sky Tower! Are you paying attention Six Flags?


Duck abuse witnessed at SeaWorld


Manta >>>>> Full Throttle. Oh what the heck, Manta >>>>>>>> Everything at SFMM. Can I just live on that ride?


You tease. At least I got the credit.


Explorer's Reef is coming along nicely.


If you get a microscope out, you can just barely make out the Giant Dipper


Believe or not, these teacups kick Disney's teacups bottoms! To the point to where all the tea spills out! This bad boy can spin!


Hey it's my store!


Still better theming than YOLO Plaza.


Forget Vegas, I'll just throw my money away here!


SeaWorld is now accepting EBT. That is, Exclusive Bunny Time.


Manta Plaza >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fail Throttle Plaza


Future site for Sea World's new ride. Spinning Huss tilt-tower flying scooters windseeker on a boat.


Hey, that's my age!


Gotta love the view from a rare Sky Bucket ride. You just don't see these around anymore.


This stadium could be the new PeopleMover track.


That Manta ERT will do terrible things to your brain.


Imagine if they built the JAWS ride out there.


Don't leave yet ids, there's still part three coming right up!

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Final part of the trip report.


They're out to find Shredder and stop Michael Bay!


Beautiful fish.


Porcupines on display.


Justin Beaver doing his time.




Can't get enough frogs


Whatever they put in this display, it will clearly be better than anything SFMM will add.


Look at how tiny and puny these tanks are for the Orcas!


I mean, the whales are so disgusted by how they're treated, they won't even bother to interact with the people!


He's clearly troubled and needs to be released! He's going to snap and try to break the glass!


The only good blackfish.


SeaWorld takes care of their animals far more than SFMM does with their coasters. Hey! I've got an idea! Let's boycott SFMM and make a documentary against them! We'll call it Blackcoaster! It'll expose how Six Flags mistreats their coasters and abuses them!


To fill the void that Atlantis left, we got another two rides in on Manta. I seriously love this ride. Easily one of my top three coasters in SoCal.


Sea lions!


What better way to end the trip report of the breathtaking San Diego sunset?


Thanks for enduring the report. Please exit to your left, gather all of your personal belongings, and get the heck out. Bye!

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