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Walibi Belgium Discussion Thread

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After that "one & done" visit (IMhO) back in the first TPR Mainland Europe Tour...

damn, that new stuff planned looks incredible!


My mind "might" be changed, lol. Looking forward to how it all works out.

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Having never been there, this is one of the parks that I fantasy GM'ed in RCT2 back in the day. It's odd that I generally know the layout of the park & where these new additions will be based on my familiarity with the in-game scenario, rather than with the park itself. That said, it's great that the park's in a confident spending-and-refreshing mode. It'd be nice if new Vekoma trains went in for Cobra & Vampire as part of the revamps of their respective areas. The mega coaster artwork suggests Mack to my eyes, which is in keeping with other Mack purchases by the park, but I know you can't always go by the sketch. I'm happy to see this plan; a nice surprise today!

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I gotta say, on my visit last year I wasn't expecting much. The Six Flags of Europe is what I was told. Honestly? It turned out to be one of my favorite parks of the trip! Sure, the only truly unique rides are Pulsar and King Tut's Lazer Party, but I had a fantastic day there! These new additions will really help bring this park to the forefront.

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Layout Megacoaster Walibi Belgium confirmed




The layout of the new Megacoaster that will open in 2021, was rumored for quite a while. Now, there are new official documents from the park that confirm this layout exactly. There is also a 3D model of the future rollercoaster available.


After the twisted first drop, there is a large airtime hill followed by an (inside) tophat. Then there are a few airtime hills, quick transitions and turns. There are also some statistics in the documents. For example, the roller coaster will be 53 meters high, giving you a top speed of 114km/h.






There are suddenly many new details known of Walibi Belgium's major investment plan. Now, there is also a design with the layout of the kiddiecoaster layout for 2019 revealed.


The layout is shows that is a Zierer rollercoaster of the Force-190 model, which can be found in the Plohn and Kolmarden theme parks. The height is 8m, the length of the track is 190m and it reaches a speed of 40km/h.






Yesterday, it was also known that Walibi Belgium will open a thrillride, at the place of the former Enterprise. Now it is also known which attraction it will be: a Skyfly from Gerstlauer.




Slides Aqualibi


But there is also news from Aqualibi. A new drawing shows the design of the new slides that will open in 2022/2023. A new sliding tower will be built of 17.5m high with three slides.




And further


Also, some new concept arts were released from the new entrance area of Walibi Belgium and Aqualibi.





There are also new concept arts from the area around Loup Garou. The Cocinelle, who will move to the former Ferris wheel location, will receive a carnival theme.




Source and Source

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There is also a 3D model of the future rollercoaster available.

What, you mean the picture or we can download a 3D file?


Whoops, I may have used the wrong words.. With the 3D model, I mean the picture. I am sorry for the confusion.

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That's okay. I just wish the picture was higher quality. Any clues on the manufacturer?


Probably Mack Rides. From what I can see from the layout, it looks fairly similar to Flash at Lewa Adventure; Out and back, and then the twisty section.

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I am sorry for the double post, but they also announced a new Dark Ride for 2019.


Walibi Belgium will get first ever Erratic® Dark Ride from Alterface




Today, a lot of things have been announced about Walibi Belgium's future attractions, and there is even more! This time it's about the interactive dark ride that will open in the spring of 2019 in the Ali Baba section of the park. Walibi will get the first ever Erratic® attraction from Alterface in collaboration with ETF Ride Systems.


The zone 7: Ali Baba, from Walibi Belgium's plans, will finally get a real attraction after many years. In the former Ali Baba Palace, there will be a new modern dark ride. Originally it was planned to be a spinning theater, but now it turns out that it is another type of ride. Alterface unveiled at the EAS conference that they are working with ETF Ride Systems for this brand new attraction. So, the park will get a second attraction with trackless vehicles after the successful dark ride Challenge of Tutankhamon.


This new concept of Alterface has got a trademark called Erratic® ride. Freely translated "erratic" means "moves in an unexpected way", and that is exactly the idea of this new attraction. Guests will board a trackless vehicle and, depending on the settings of the attraction, will drive in certain rooms. This vehicle system is just known from Challenge of Tutankhamon, but also from Ratatouille at Disneyland Paris and Symbolica at Efteling. Unlike those attractions, there is no fixed course and you may experience another course when you re-ride the attraction (more than the three tours of Symbolica). For example, the transition is not just turning to the next scene, but they can let the vehicles do certain actions like fast-rotating.


The system can be used to offer a nice attraction on a limited area. For example, you can use dead-end and go in many directions instead of driving in one direction. By way of illustration, we can take the Ratatouille attraction. In one of the later parts of the attraction, the vehicles suddenly go into a separate dome for a scene and thus the three vehicles are split. Then they all drive together to the end. Thus, with this system, it is possible, for example, to drive back one of the vehicles, let one move forward and the last one just changes in the dome. This is to prove that the park itself can choose how they want to fill in the ride. In fact, there is also a possibility to let visitors choose their own route. For example, visitors who get better scores can do faster and more scenes than others who need more time.


The challenge here is the story of the attraction. Inventors will have to think about how they can use the technology and provide beautiful transitions between the scenes. For example, do you want to return to a scene you have previously done? Do you let the vehicles meet each other, or not? Alterface therefore offers its own IP: Popcorn Revenge. The story has not yet been fully elaborated and there are still no images available but the base is there; As a visitor you go to the movie and want to eat popcorn, but the popcorn are done with being eaten. They escape and prefer to play in the movies themselves. To collect them back: the super hero popcorn, the pirate popcorn, the magician popcorn ... What it all looks like is not known yet, but it will be based on existing and well-known movie scenes. Effects will be done with video mapping but also screens, real-world decors, lighting effects, etc. The shooting system is not confirmed yet. On the concept art, we already see that there are seven different rooms next to the station building. There is enough time to 2019 to finalize everything, but this first glance promises a unique attraction for Walibi Belgium.





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This will be the new roller coaster of Walibi Belgium



Walibi Belgium will open a new family coaster next year. During a meeting with fans yesterday, the theme park showed a computer simulation of the rollercoaster, including an onride POV. The name of the attraction is not known yet.


The coaster will be a so-called 'bobsled coaster' by Gerstlauer. In the video, the theming is still missing. The area around the new attraction is themed to a Hawaiian village. The roller coaster will be located near the interactive darkride Challenge of Tutankhamon, in the old spot of the old Coccinelle coaster.



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Looks awesome.


I love these things. Every park should have one.


I agree, they are relatively cheap but has the elements of a wild mouse with lout the carnival look and family friendly. I'v been pining for one of these near me. I'm thinking Herschend could do them up right for there parks.

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I'll try to summarize what the six-year plan looks like:

2018 - Gerstlauer "bobsled" coaster in the new Hawaiian Village area, Coccinelle kiddie coaster to re-open with a new name/theme in the Loup Garou area, re-theme of swimming pool

2019 - Erratic Shooting Dark Ride from Alterface in the Ali Baba area, Zierer kiddie coaster in the Playland area, retheme of Cobra, addition of a Bollywood themed spinning theater

2020 - Mack Twist'n'Splash near Loup Garou in a newly re-themed New Orleans area

2021 - Mega coaster near Tutankhamon in a newly themed African area

2022/2023 - AquaWalibi Slides, the area around the log flume Psyke Underground and Flashback to be re-themed to a harbor


I'm not clear what year the Gertslauer SkyFly is scheduled to open.

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Walibi Belgium reveals name of new roller coaster




The new roller coaster of Walibi Belgium is going to be called Tiki-Waka. The theme park has announced this at a meeting this morning. Furthermore, a second new attraction was announced for 2018: a play trail called Tiki Trail.


Both additions will be located in a Hawaiian themed area at the back of the park, near the interactive darkride Challenge of Tutankhamon.


In addition, the indoor swimming paradise Aqualibi will be expanded with a children's area of seven hundred square meters. The new part is called Kiddie Bay. Walibi Belgium will reopen on Saturday 31 March.


The plans are part of an ambitious master plan of the Belgian theme park. In the coming years several major attractions will be installed, including an interactive water attraction (2019), a children's roller coaster (2019), an interactive dark ride (2020), a megacoaster (2021) and a Sky Fly (2022-2023).




Walibi Belgium

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