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Knoebels Discussion Thread

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Here are some pix from their Facebook. I tried to pick the ones that are really recognizable for those of you who have been to the park before.


Also, the park WILL be closed this weekend.


Duck Game by Phoenix, check out how high the water was before this picture was taken!


One of the roads you can walk down between campground and park.


Anything not tied down was washed away.


Bridges underwater.


Look at the birthday party shelter!


Kind of hard to take our normal group photo now!


Over by the flying trapeze you can just see all the damage.


Some of us took shelter under that covered area by the kiddie coaster during a storm last month, now look at it.

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So so sad. I've got friends up that way, and it's not just Knoebels, most of the area is underwater too.


I know the Knoebels family will work their hardest to get the park back into top shape as they have done with other floods of recent years.


I wish them all the best in their recovery.

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Holy crap, the park really got it. I've gotten used to seeing Knoebel's flooded, but this one really did some damage to the park. It actually tore out a lot of the pavement in several areas of the park and washed it downstream! It looks like some of the rides like the smaller carousel are damaged so badly that at the very least they will need extensive repairs.


Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they stayed closed for the rest of the season, but they'll probably have the park open again in time for the halloween events. It's a good thing Knoebels is good at flood repairs.


This does probably mean that any work on Black Diamond and Flying Turns will be postponed - probably for the rest of the season.

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I know that Knoebels looks at their flood recovery as a "badge of honor", but I think even the park said on their FB page this was their worst ever flooding.


Still, they will do better than most parks with this. Knott's would be closed for a year with flooding like this.

Or if this were a secondary Six Flags park they could be closed permanently cough New Orleans cough.


Hopefully their rides didn't get too badly damaged, they make a full recovery, and they don't lose too much money. I'm rooting for this unique, independent park that I hope to visit one day.

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