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Knoebels Discussion Thread

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1001 Nacht would seem a reasonable choice. Not open consistently, kinda doesn't get the same attention as some other flats. There aren't really any rides that I feel are actual contenders that I would care too too much about.


I don't know if it's leaving yet, it hasn't served any divorce papers... I guess it could pop out for milk and never come back.

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Any guesses? I'm thinking it's probably a flat. My best guess is that it could be the Italian Trapeze since I have seen it dismantled or closed on my past few visits.

Or, they could be do the same bait-and-switch that they've done before - remove a ride, yes, but install an identical new ride in its place.


That's fair. I can't think of a time Knoebels removed a ride and didn't replace it in some way.

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I just hope it's not Satellite. The talk of how differently things work at a pay per ride park does make me wonder if it's limited capacity is a big problem for the park. On the other hand, there's probably not a lot else that would fit in its footprint, and despite its age I don't think I've ever seen it not running, so hopefully its safe.


Italian Trapeze seems unlikely to me, didn't it just get completely torn down and refurbished? Maybe I'm wrong about that; I thought that's what its extended downtime was about though.


1001 Nachts is really the only ride I can think of that doesn't consistently run with a full load. Seems like the most likely candidate; maybe that's just wishful thinking though since it's about the only ride I wouldn't miss myself.


...Well, Unless Cosmotron was upgraded to a better version of the ride, anyway. That Wisdom Himalaya inside is such a clunky, slow disappointment compared to almost any other similar model. That doesn't stop it from attracting riders though, so probably not.

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Finally was on top of my life enough to book Knoebels campground (not Lake Glory) for PPP. Got one of the last two tent sites and I don't think reservations have been open more than a day (maybe I am wrong). But either way, very excited to head back and be so so close to the fun. Not having to drive back and forth is one less thing to worry about.

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Doubtful that its 1001. They purchased El Dorado a couple years back from KD to use it as replacement parts.


I think at this point its going to be the Flying Trapeze. Hasn't been in operation for two seasons and there were still no signs of activity at the end of the season. I hope they replace it with something different if that's the case. I think its time for a more significant replacement for the park.

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I know this may sound weird but, could it be ole smokey?


I was at the park in August and it was closed with some construction equipment nearby and the train was no where to be seen. Although I don't know if the equipment belonged to the whatever thing is next to the ride station or not.


Did it ever reopen?


I don't know what they would replace it with except with another train since there wasn't a lot of room there, at least that I could see.

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Yeah, I would doubt Ole Smokey. Trains are nice and unless they replaced it with another train, that space can't be used for much else. Unlike Delgrosso's Park, which has a train that takes up an otherwise entirely empty field. They insist on removing rides to put new ones in, for lack of space...


I mean, I guess it could be the swings. It seems unlike them to remove it for this period of time and leave that plot there if it was just going to be replaced by something else. Why not just put something new in there last year?

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Knoebels is adding a Wisdom Tornado next season!






According to Knoebels’ Spokesperson Stacy Ososkie, Knoebels Amusement Resort is celebrating the new year with the announcement of a new ride for their 2020 season.


The park announced a new ride named “Tornado.” The 32-passenger ride is expected to be ready for the park’s April 25 opening day.


And, in addition...


While there will be an addition to the ride lineup, 2020 will also see the removal of a ride that has been at the park for more than 20 years. Debuting at Knoebels in 1998, 1001 Nacht took guests on a magic carpet ride reaching 85 feet in height.


“The ride is nearing the end of its operational life and ridership isn’t strong, meaning it makes sense for us to remove it to help with future planning for the park,” said Ososkie.

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