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  1. Will the control system completely prevent them from crashing the two trains into each other again?
  2. Mmm... I can sense the sarcasm dripping from your voice like venom of a snake's fang.
  3. I *work* in a park. Let's simply state that I have first-hand experience on the topic.
  4. Thank you. This was really nice for the latest news on a park, especially when it's new and can get buried very easily behind many pages of reaction posts.
  5. First impressions: Ugh, we waited weeks for *this look?* But after playing with it for a day or two, I sorta like it. It's... bigger. And just cleaner. I miss the... charm, I guess, of the old site, but that'll probably go away with time and ironing out the kinks. Speaking of kinks to iron out... there used to be a subsection of sorts for a thread with the last piece of "news" of that thread in the forum itself. Any thoughts or plans on this part finding its way back?
  6. There are compromises somewhere between your intelligently worded beliefs and the extreme opposition. Can only compromise with someone who's willing to, and I strongly doubt that most people in 2021 are going to be willing to.
  7. 2021: More of 2020 with people who aren't going to be as understanding about what's going on because they're going to be impatient assholes who want things to be over.
  8. Those cars on Quimera aren't moving until a final report is issued on the matter.
  9. My guess is 1001. Shame because it's actually a decent ride.
  10. Small correction: the item labeled "P.O.S.'s Broken" is, in fact, not broken. The pierogies from heaven are 5 for $5.75. And come in a bowl, lathered with butter and onions.
  11. How stringent do you have to be on potentially loose objects, and what's the furthest you've seen something fly when someone did have a loose object?
  12. I would pick the front seat of a car. Probably Row 7 (cars are rows of 3). The back seat of a car is going to give you the best airtime, with the middle seat in the back car also being very good comparatively. This rules out rows 12, 9, and 11. 6 and 3 are also back seats but in the front half of the train, where the train is more *pushed* than *pulled*, but still, as back seats, are going to get air. Row 1 is a great view, but due to that pushing does get some air. Not that much, but still does get some. The only problem with Row 1 is, being the front, it'll get a longer line. As Row 4 is a front seat in the front half, it'll also get some air from this but not nearly as much. This leaves us 10, 8, 7, 5, 3, 2. Front and back cars are going to get more air in their respective ways due to physics (less to hold them down), ruling out 10, 3, and 2. Of what's left, none of those are going to be great air, but I generally believe the front of a car is less air than the middle, thus leading me towards my recommendation of Row 7. 8 and 5 are decent choices as well, and of the ones ruled out I think 4 would be the best of them.
  13. Potato Cakes stand moved; it's right next to the frog flinging game now on the main path in. Downdraft updated, looks nice. Second Guest Services booth where the old food stand on the main path was (the red hut of sorts). Trapeeze is still down; tarp over the center stump.
  14. Have you filed your 2018 taxes or your 2019 taxes? (not actually asking, just making a point). Call it the "Best Coasters in 2018"
  15. Oh, that's not the case at all. We had an incredible time! The carefree atmosphere is hard to put into words and I think it's a place you truly have to experience to understand it. It was the most innocent fun I've had in years. Scooters, Phoenix, Black Diamond, Haunted Mansion... so fun! An afternoon refreshing swim and great food. There's really not much to dislike about Knoebels. As far as fascination goes, I just didn't get the hype. Maybe it was because there were some kids just schooling everyone and winning every single prize... It was hard to spend more than a short period of time in there without wanting to go back into the park. I still need to post a short TR. Fascination is very much a game of skill. Having won well over my fair share of tickets on it the best thing I can say is to simply understand how the ball will act in certain conditions and be able to aim for general areas on the board. It is difficult to aim for a specific hole outside a handful of them but with practice you should be able to comprehend the physics behind the chaos that is the wonderful game of Fascination.
  16. Can confirm, Fascination is way too much fun. The only problem is figuring out what to get with the tickets...
  17. Centrifugal force isn't a myth, it's a perfectly valid force. I imagine your interpretation of the word "fictitious" is tripping you up, you have to think outside Newton's Laws to understand it. Newton's Second Law says F = ma, if you don't have acceleration you don't have force. But have you ridden in a car around a corner and been thrown to the outside of the car while traveling at a constant speed? That makes no sense, F = ma says there's no acceleration so there's no force! And that's absolutely true, if you're using the standard inertial reference system used by Newton and traveling in a straight line. But if you use a rotating reference plane to account for the corner, rotating at an angular speed "ω" in degrees/second, you find there's an angular acceleration being produced by traveling around the corner. "Aha!" you may say, there's an acceleration which causes a force to be produced, and this is the centrifugal force that is supposedly "fictitious". If you really want to know the math the equation for centrifugal force is F = m*(ω^2)*r, hope that helps you understand why parks still refer to a perfectly valid force calculation when marketing rides. I can't think of any myths/rumors that haven't already been said, some good ones have been posted here for sure. It actually is not a real force. The correct force is centripedal force. Centrifugal force is an apparent force and not a real force.
  18. Flying Turns hits issues with rain due to the type of ride it is. The Kiddie Himalaya often closes due to rain. I've heard the Looper can have issues as well. Most things don't care, though.
  19. Phoenix and Twister run like they're brand new every single day of the year. You're fine. There's no such thing as a rough ride on either of them unless you're a complete bitch and think Twister is rough (believe it or not some people actually find it rough... actual, honest-to-god real people that live among us). It "is" aggressive, but not rough. Phoenix is B&M smooth on a classic wood coaster. Twister, last I rode it, was a fair bit rougher than when it was new. It's not quite incredibly rough, it's still an enjoyable ride, but it's a fair bit rougher than it was when it was new.
  20. Do they even have blueprints for the ride? I don't remember...
  21. Great report! I've driven those boats before and years ago I was able to get through the entire ride without hitting a wall (except entering/exiting the station), but IDK if the driving got worse since then.
  22. Used to be part of a school group that decorated the local high school for the weekend into a "haunted high school". Considering that most of what we did was extremely cheap materials (think cardboard, duct tape, paint, plastic cloth, etc...) AND we didn't have to worry about building physical walls, yet we still ended up spending several hundred dollars (I don't know exact figures, but I estimate $600+), trying to get something done in under 100 pounds is... not going to work. Furthermore, the time investment involved is STAGGERING. We had over 60 people who put in over 12 hours EACH setting this up. One person is not going to be able to do this by themselves, let alone in any reasonable amount of time. If you don't have any structural supports of any kind, you'll need wood and such to actually build walls, which is not that cheap. Plus, if you're doing this "professionally", you will not be able to simply use cardboard/duct tape/paint, but will likely need more substantial materials, which are also more expensive. In short, there's zero way you could pull this off with 100 pounds, and even with a substantial budget absolutely zero way you could pull this off in a fortnight.
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