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  1. That steel looks like it's in rough shape. Wonder if it's just paint or what.
  2. Will the control system completely prevent them from crashing the two trains into each other again?
  3. Mmm... I can sense the sarcasm dripping from your voice like venom of a snake's fang.
  4. I *work* in a park. Let's simply state that I have first-hand experience on the topic.
  5. Thank you. This was really nice for the latest news on a park, especially when it's new and can get buried very easily behind many pages of reaction posts.
  6. First impressions: Ugh, we waited weeks for *this look?* But after playing with it for a day or two, I sorta like it. It's... bigger. And just cleaner. I miss the... charm, I guess, of the old site, but that'll probably go away with time and ironing out the kinks. Speaking of kinks to iron out... there used to be a subsection of sorts for a thread with the last piece of "news" of that thread in the forum itself. Any thoughts or plans on this part finding its way back?
  7. There are compromises somewhere between your intelligently worded beliefs and the extreme opposition. Can only compromise with someone who's willing to, and I strongly doubt that most people in 2021 are going to be willing to.
  8. 2021: More of 2020 with people who aren't going to be as understanding about what's going on because they're going to be impatient assholes who want things to be over.
  9. Those cars on Quimera aren't moving until a final report is issued on the matter.
  10. My guess is 1001. Shame because it's actually a decent ride.
  11. Small correction: the item labeled "P.O.S.'s Broken" is, in fact, not broken. The pierogies from heaven are 5 for $5.75. And come in a bowl, lathered with butter and onions.
  12. How stringent do you have to be on potentially loose objects, and what's the furthest you've seen something fly when someone did have a loose object?
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