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Which is worse, Arrow or Vekoma?

Which is rougher?  

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  1. 1. Which is rougher?

    • Vekoma
    • Arrow

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If you're talking only about headbanging, I gotta go with Arrow - I love boomerangs and SLCs, but won't ride an Arrow looper.


That said, Arrow definitely had the bigger (and probably biggest) impact on the industry - tubular steel, (safe) loops and corkscrews, inverts, launches, FOURTH FRICKIN' DIMENSION... they were truly the "Renaissance Men" of coasterdom.

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For me, it goes like this:


Arrow Coasters I like:


Big Bad Wolf

Carolina Cyclone

Loch Ness Monster



Steel Phantom-RIP


Vekoma Coasters I like

Deja Vu's

Disney's Vekomas


I actually like quite a few Arrows, but the ones that are bad are bad. Then again, I really don't like many Vekomas. Therefore, Vekoma is "worse" to me.

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I have to say Arrow. Vekoma, IMO, is rougher than arrow, and Arrow has made some pretty good rides. Great American Scream Machine at SFGAd is pretty rough, but they have done good jobs on occasion, like Magnum at Cedar Point. And Arrow corkscrews are, in general, more popular than Vekoma corkscrews.

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Arrow is deffinitely better, just because they have a better selection. I mean the suspended (with the kinks worked out, unlike Bat of course) is one of the most fun varieties of coaster anywher. On the other hand, what does Vekoma have? Roller skaters, Bommerangs. My vote is deffinitely to Arrow.

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Both are rough, but the intensity of headbanging is far more extreme on some Vekoma coasters. I've never had a problem on an Arrow looper, but Goudurix and the St. Louis Ninja were both really hard to handle.


SFoG's Ninja was awesome though! Gotta sit in the Super Happy Magical Seat, however.

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It really depends on what kind of coater the company makes. For a vekoma SLC's can hurt a lot, but there newer coasters like booster bike are very smooth and fun to ride. Also Arrow has hypers are fun and most of the time smooth, but there other coasters like the corkscrew models can be rough. So there is really not one company that has a rougher coaster.

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Aside from Arrow's Suspended Line (which also has its rough moments), Arrow is rougher than Vekoma - in my experience.

See, with an SLC, you just have to try really hard to position your head correctly in order to escape the headbanging. However, with Arrow rides that I have ridden more than once (namely GASM), I can't find any way to avoid it.

Also, a couple of Vekoma's rides are extremely smooth, almost close to B&M smooth, like the LSM line, or the Motorbike coasters.

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Pretty much all the Arrow loopers I have been on i thought were pretty rough, the worst being the Steamin Demon at Great Escape in Lake George, NY, that thing was really bad. Its about 7 seconds long, the lift is ridiculously loud, and it took about 10 minutes to load and unload. On the other hand though, they have an Arrow Mine Train called the Canyon Blaster, I didn't think that was too bad.

I've never really had a problem with Vekomas though, and I actually enjoy their Boomerangs quite a bit. But out of the 5 I've been on(La Ronde, Great Escape, Hersheypark, and Six Flags New England, and Darien Lake), I though Six Flags New England's was the worst.

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