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Which is worse, Arrow or Vekoma?

Which is rougher?  

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  1. 1. Which is rougher?

    • Vekoma
    • Arrow

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I honestly never jumped on the Vekoma-hating band wagon, I like a LOT of their designs, and I'm known to ride an SLC for more than just a credit. yeah, soem Vekomas can give you a rattle, but not to the point where it's actually painful.


If I had to choose, I would say I like more Vekomas than Arrow, but I don't consider either of them bad.


You gotta love the people that constantly complain about a Vekoma being terrible as they're walking up the entry ramp...

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Personally I like arrow better, but i have only been on two vekoma coasters, and 11 arrow coasters, and all except for one of the arrow coasters has been worse then the vekoma boomerang i rode, and all the arrow coasters have had more airtime weee

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Though there are a lot of Arrow rides I actually like a lot, I'm going with them because anything besides their '99-or later rides are engineered so poorly. The movements are very abrupt and some of the turns and elements are angled very unnaturally, i.e. turns before double corkscrews. The already jerky rides just become painful as the roughen with age.

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I've never quite understood all the Vekoma and especially Arrow bashing, since there are an awful lot of good rides by both companies that are still running safely and reliably, some being built over 30 years ago.


I've always loved the Arrow suspended coasters; nothing rough about these and probably one of the best designs that never reached it's full potential. And what about Loch Ness Monster, PKI Vortex, Magnum, Excalibur, Valleyfair Mad Mouse, all the various mine trains; they're all pretty good rides still.


Sure, some of the Arrow mega loopers are a bit rough by today's standards, but then again most were built before 1994; coaster design has changed a bit since then.


As far as Vekoma, I've been on a few Boomerangs lately with new and refurbished trains and been surprised how much better they are; I had more headbanging on Storm Runner at Hersheypark then on Sidewinder this past summer.

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If Powder Keg is any indication of what S&S/Arrow is capable of these days, it's probably fair to say that the modern Arrow is really a departure from the Arrow of old. I doubt they use the Ron Toomer bent welding wire approach to design anymore.


Does anyone know if the Powder Keg trains are a carryover Arrow design, a recent S&S/Arrow creation post acquisition, or other?

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