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Which is worse, Arrow or Vekoma?

Which is rougher?  

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  1. 1. Which is rougher?

    • Vekoma
    • Arrow

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Being an Arrow fanboy I had to vote Vekoma as well, but its a hard choice. Of the boomerangs I've been on, none of them have ever been that bad, but neither have they been good. I have ridden one SLC and it sure was an experiance... But I have had equally bad rides on some Arrows. The late Shockwave at SFGAm was one of my least favorite rides ever! Never did I have a good ride on it. But then Deja Vue and RnR are two of the best coasters I've been on! Sure Arrow can be poorly designed but I think its these "surprise" transitions bewtween elements that make me love some of them so much. Idk its a hard choice...

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I would say Arrow mainly because they seem to get a lot worse when they age. I wonder, though, if the Invertigos would be considered more rough if they didn't have the super cushy restraints. Both seem to be doomed to roughness because of their inherant design flaws, track, gaps between wheels and track, etc. When you copy something that is already flawed, it usually gets worse.

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I have to say Vekoma. I really like both companies, but all the Vekoma rides I have ridden have been slightly rougher than the Arrow rides I have ridden. Aftershock, the smoothest Vekoma I've been on, is just a little rougher than Sidewinder. That's because of the cobra roll. I still like all of the rides from either company I've been on.

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Arrow made some good rides but they're all old. Vekoma made and makes some great rides. The SLC is a classic and one of the best rides for its size. You can't compare them to a 160'+ tall coaster though. B&M's acquired their grace when they went to the larger sizes. On the other hand they don't fit on a boardwalk pier, so they can't have the best setting in the world.

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IMO Vekoma is worse, if only for the fact that they made so many mediocre (or really bad, depending on the individual coaster) boomerangs and SLCs. I've been on some rough Arrows but at least Arrow made some rather unique coasters, and all of the layouts are somewhat or very different. IMO Arrow is also more relevant to coaster history (though to be fair, Vekoma did make the first mass-produced flying coaster, which was innovative at the time, and then there is the one and only "tilt coaster") for the most part - everything from the Matterhorn at WDW to some of the first modern looping coasters, and of course the Arrow suspended coasters, and then the original X. In addition, there are some Arrows out there that have historical value (even if they weren't trend-setting), like Nessie at BGE.


As for overall roughness, I think there is something about the OTSRs on Vekomas that make it harder to avoid the head-banging than on Arrows. I'm short, and I tend to get bashed by pretty much any OTSR, regardless of the coaster manufacturer, but I find it a bit easier to avoid it on most looping Arrows than on SLCs. So it's hard to me to quantify roughness, as I've been on several of both kinds and some have been pretty rough.

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The only reason Arrow loopers are painful is because of those damned OTSRs that they insisted on adding to all of them. I actually admired their drive to try and do things differently from other companies, corkscrew clones aside. I miss multiple inversion coasters, frankly, which seem to be lost in an age of "airtime, airtime, airtime!" coasters, as I call them, and single giant hill rides like Kingda Ka.


As for Vekoma...the less I say about them, the better. I'll give them the Disney coasters, though.

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