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  1. Oh sh*t, these script kiddies are hardcore, they can get through the iron-gate security system that is an average internet forum. They must be the coolest kids in all of sixth grade. Thanks for being so prompt about fixing the problem and having us all change our pw's, Robb. Also, is the site slow for anyone else? Possibly a related issue, I dunno.
  2. Best Food Oddity: Apple Fries at Legoland California. Delicious with that apple whipped cream they have... but they get old after a while. Get the small box. Best Desert: Disney parks. Dole Whip and Mickey bars FTW. Best Breakfast: Disney parks, again. Holy sh*t, Mickey pancakes and waffles. And some of the best scrambeled eggs EVAR. AND A SPECIAL ADDON: Worst Food: Wild Rivers, Irvine. UGH! I make and serve it every day, I know damn well what goes into that crap. Don't... eat... it.... please... it will KILL.... YOU....!!!!!!!
  3. You know what's the worst part about all of this? Half of their debt is because of the 300 million dollar Tatsu. Once again: Shapiro, just stop the asshatery and wait things run their course - let the park regain back the money. Let it be for 3 years, then see what happens.
  4. Yeah, I have never been assigned books, but I always put it up to myself to read a couple of books ever summer. This summer, my list only consists of one due to work. That book? Maddox's Alphabet of Manliness. I need to read that.
  5. ^Now that you mention it, that does sound completely logical. I know a lot of people that are planning to go during the summer now that they heard that they were going to sell the park. Judging by all the media coverage, this could be the most brilliant marketing stunt in the history of the park! This'll get people coming just to be there one last time, thus boosing admissions by the truckload!
  6. See, I wish I could do Japan, but I can't, damn it.... it's too far.... but I really want to go to Japan.... erggh.... However, I think if it's at the right time of year, I can do the Midwest trip... I'll see what happens, but you may have a Tit on your bus.
  7. The guy that got hit has to be Robb - only he would cuss in a foreign babble in the middle of public. Then again, if it were Robb, he wouldn't have just slid off the car, he would've made the front end collapse inward. UPDATE: Found footage: Robb and Elissa on a bike ride.
  8. It's like The Omen - you liked it when you first saw it, but then the remake came out and you just wanted rid of the piece of sh*t. I'm back.
  9. ^^If they're smart, yes, if they're the old SF management, Hell no. I think someone should make it an internet rule not to talk about your mom on a public web forum. That applies to me as well. It just seems very out of place. Especially when, on the same page in the same thread, you mention what your grades in high school were, leading one to assume you're a wasteoid.
  10. I'm pretty sure the answer's an emphatic yes.
  11. ^Boo. Bump for this: I still haven't beaten it. It's been 5 months. I have yet to beat it. This game is vicious.
  12. The Dragon Coaster at LEGOLAND California is the last legitimate coaster I rode, the next one being whatever I ride first at Six Flags in September or Journey to Atlantis if I go to Sea World this summer.
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