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The "Official" TPR Returns To Asia Ongoing TR!

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OMG ROTFLMAO!!! Best. Photoshop. EVER!!


Thanks for the laughs. See you guys when you get home! We're long overdue for a Papalino's date!


-Dan "is it time for UK yet?" Angona

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Mayumi forced me to wait 20+ minutes for the curry-flavored popcorn! It was the longest popcorn line in the park, and it actually smelled really good. The flavor was pretty weak though, and mostly just tasted like regular popcorn, but weirder.


We did the castle walk-through as well. It goes under the castle, then up an elevator to the final room. There is actually quite a bit of Black Cauldron reference during the "experience" which is weird considering how bad the movie bombed!



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Just checked out ARN&R. Hilarious


Haha, it is!! I think saying that Mark enjoys anal probes is going just a little too far though.


My favourite bit is this shameless request:


Especially After Apparently Eating Nowhere But McDonalds, You Cretins


(But Hopefully You Won't Block Our Links)

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