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  1. R&E- Quick Update... Ok, it looks like I am going to be in LA area 12/22 & 12/23 by myself and then Allison and I both are coming back to LA 12/27 & 12/28. Let me know what your plans are on those days... Jerry
  2. ^ What about left side of Colossus and right side of Superman?
  3. Are Deja Vu, and Psyclone running again?
  4. Look again.. It looks like he is fighting an imminent bowel movement.
  5. Cool! We don't have anything hammered down yet except for the flights. Is there anything that is a "Dont Miss" during holidays?
  6. R&E, We are visiting some family in So Cal for the holidays. We would love to catch up you at one of the parks in the area.... Are you guys going to be in town Dec 20-31? Jerry
  7. We are planning on Hitting all the big parks the long weekend of MLK Day? Any advice? Any little parks that are A MUST?
  8. Vegas has a proper theme park. In Fact, I was there two weeks ago. Adventuredome at Circus Circus. Dont forget about random coasters at Sahara and NY NY. And rides on Stratosphere. The whole town is kind of a giant theme park too.
  9. Houston and NOT just cuz I live here. Its the 4th largest Metro area in USA. Never snows. AND we should still have one anyway... Thanks Mr. Burke.
  10. And people said Astroworld was dirty? You are a brave man. Has anyone ever been to a worse park?
  11. I think Silver Bullet at KBF and Great White at SWSA deserves some recognition...
  12. Elissa taught me to ride this one "defensively" 2 big ouches on this ride. Almost lost my lower jaw..
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