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  1. OMFG, my flight to Munich on the 22nd cannot come soon enough! Excellent photo TR! Mmmmm, Beer, Olympia Looping, Beer, Alpina Bahn, Beer and did I mention Beer?
  2. Not my last concert attended, but I shall be seeing Depeche Mode tonight in Manchester. Can't wait!
  3. I shall let you know as soon as mine arrives, hopefully it will not be lost in the mail this time...
  4. Another stranger of theses parts has returned, I too had a small delivery on Tuesday for Christmas and have only got chance to start them tonight. Only one for this evening, as I am up at 4am in the morning. So it has to be the Russian Imperial Stout. OMFG, WOW! How much flavour! So much coffee aftertaste it's unbelievable, cannot wait to get started on the Bastard ales. The Stone's Imperial Just a small selection
  5. Yes it's crap, but it's all i can think of for now. lol Shockwaves on Shockwave
  6. You just cannot go anywhere without there being a Tesco nearby!. Awesome updates, would love to go out there someday.
  7. Being the first one thrown out the plane, I was probably more nervous. The whole freefall was just surreal as you cannot gauge how fast you are actually falling. Would most certainly do it again.
  8. Me falling out of a plane from 14,000ft. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uks7_SbacYE
  9. Just thought I would fall out of a plane..... WEEEEE!
  10. Or if you can do this, it was Bloodfalls second ride back in June. This really takes some doing
  11. Those Eiffel Tower pictures had me in hysterics , loving the reports so far and glad your having a good time.
  12. ^ You should have said hello, we don't bite. Well the trip has now come to an end, and boy what a trip! Pretty much most of the parks were excellent, apart from Six Flags America. Which to be honest was a bit of a joke, ride op's letting people carry on loose articles when the should not be, ops in control booths listening to their iPods instead of concentrating on their jobs. Also one ride op told someone to "shut the f**k up" We could not get out the park quick enough, Juggler sent an email to the park. Wether we get anything back is another thing. Highlights of the trip were: Voyage, WOW El Toro, bigger WOW Griffon Apollo's Chariot Alpengeist Thunderhead Kentucky Rumbler TTD, and of course SFNE's S:RoS which is still my number one steelie. Plus many highlights. One ride which was a disappointment was Kingda Ka, it felt like it was shaking itself apart and the launch was juddering rather than it being a smooth consistent launch like TTD has. All my photos are now uploaded to the link in my previous post, and Juggler has pretty much done all his reports.
  13. Well the trip has been fantastic so far, today was Dollywood (Thunderhead & Mystery Mine WOW!) We also bumped into some rather familiar faces, Robb, Elissa, KT & Joey. It was nice to meet you all! All my trip photo's are here:
  14. Yes we did make it to Kennywood and Cedar Point. There was no internet access there so we could not get on any sooner. It was nice to meet you both, and hope we can all meet you again at some point. Here is another pic from Appalchian. Nicole looked his time!
  15. And a few from me.... Insert caption here... Crowds were still heaving... Now for the money shot! The train moved about a centimetre in the time we took this photo! Porn shot for Derek! It took longer from the brake run back into the station than the ride cycle itself! Me likes! That's where Eddie Grant went to! It was Green, but no one was screaming Yes, it was THAT busy!
  16. Well, this weekends festivities has already started. Just a couple for tonight before we head off to Southend in the morning for some coastery related fun! The Bar! In the beginning there was Beer, and it was good!
  17. Thanks for the comments guys, they are much appreciated whether they are good or bad. I was surprised my entry made it, as there is a lot of excellent videos entered. Good luck to everyone that has entered. -Pete Oh and Juggler, your backside always gets the last word!
  18. Congratulations Derek & Nicole. All the best for the future! -Pete
  19. 1 - Dragon Coaster, Shipleys Amusements, Stourport (Not listed on RCDB) 100 - Boomerang, Great Escape (I know, I know. There was a cock-up with the count, was hoping for S:RoS) 200 - Matterhorn Bobs, Disneyland 300 - The Beast, Kings Island (Yes, I did like it) I am aiming for Kentucky Rumbler to be 400 on next years Buzzards tour.
  20. Tower sure does look impressive, I have only recently encountered MGM's Tower and was completely wowed by it. Just could not get enough, all that airtime with just a seatbelt! Another great update Robb, I really hope to get to Japan one day.
  21. Mine arrived yesterday (No piccys yet) Thanks Robb & Elissa, it looks great!
  22. Lying there started to get uncomfortable after about 30 minutes, but don't recall finding it painful getting out.
  23. Myself and Nodders got stuck on Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon at Great Escape in 2001, the ride shut down and got stuck on the MCBR. The work lights immediately came on, maintenance came up to us and had to release the brakes manually. We finished the ride with the lights on. We also got stuck on AIR in 2002, the seats would not come down so we were stuck in assumed position for near 40 minutes. They had to manually release everyone out, we were at the back so those at the front were probably there for well over an hour. Yours truly getting released, Photo by Nodders
  24. I visited Disneyland & DCA back in 2002, as part of the ECC's first US visit. Will be visiting WDW in two weeks time, never been before so can't wait to see how it compares with Disneyland.
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