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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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I wondered if that was the 'big change'.


So. 2021 should be nice eh?


The rumor mill currently has Tidal Wave's plot tagged for something after 2021. But if rumors are correct 2021 will be a big year, we shall see. I'm not 100% convinced, yet.

Oh. I'd have expected the plot to be used quickly. Now I really don't know what to think.


Then again King's Island is removing Vortex with no apparent 2021 plan for that land.

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This should make some people happy. It’s a multi year project but horses are being pulled. Sanded down, repaired and repainted. The Grand Carousel is getting the attention it needs.



thank goodness.


that state of the Carousel, when we visited in May, was appalling.

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Tidal Wave's plot could easily be used for an RMC Raptor, or even a Zamperla Giant Discovery! I thought it would be a total waste to try and refurbish it with so many new rides available. Mack Power Splash anyone ?

I'm not sure how important a 4th water ride is. SFOT only got Aquaman because the original plans for the ride fell through. Looks fun though.


The short list would have to be Giant Discovery, 4D and Raptor (off the shelf like Wonder Woman). Obviously there are smaller options too - SF has installed a few other flats. Maybe something else new for the chain.


I'd take a Mack hyper back there but even at $5M cheaper than a B&M I doubt that happens.



Tidal Wave - I knew it was gonna happen soon. I wonder what will take its spot. Raptor maybe?



You do realize this is Six Flags St. Louis you’re talking about right?!

Raptors are supposedly cheaper than S&S 4D coasters by quite a margin. If the $4M number going around is true (it sounds really low, that's Giant Discovery territory from what I can tell).

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Bert, I may be in touch with you soon about coming to Texas!!


I'm happy about the carousel too! I knew it was in bad shape but admittedly didn't realize how bad until we rode it last June. I'm not sorry to see Tidal Wave go, I personally thought it was a bit of an eyesore and really not very popular. As far as what will replace it....not even going to speculate. We will find out when we find out.


I gave the ride op in my house a bit of good natured grief about why he didn't know what was happening and he just rolled his eyes at me and said "like they tell us anything", lol.

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