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Bobbejaanland Discussion Thread

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They could have made it a rather exciting ride if they attempted to use some really powerful motors in King Kong's arms, and did some demented form of a Space Shot. IMO with the shaking, that would have been really fun. [steelhawgreference]At least I finally see real innovation at parks now.[/steelhawgreference.]

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Posted Images

Some pictures I have took on the wintermeeting on the first of march.


Giving us information what they want to achieve in 2008


Tree that replace a column on the meeting point near the entrance


This is how its going to be


No swinging ship anymore in the park (click)


The breakdance is waiting for a buyer








The new exit (or was it entrance?) of Revolution



The splash battle




King Kong will be coming here








A beach, but you are not allowed to go on it





Here on this site you can find some pictures of the press conference.


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Nice update, I'm a bit confused as to where the Splash Battle is going? Is it in that kind of dead indoors area near Revolution? Is it going to be covered?

It is coming in Hall 2000, indoor area in front of Revolution. Here you can find a very old picture how hall 2000 was, with in the back the entrance of Revolution. So the Banana Battle (splash battle) is completely indoor.



Revolution is going to be rethemed in jungle style. The question is how far will they be going with the retheming.

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The Banana Battle is open. Here are pictures from the press opening:



Pictures: Jelle Van Landuyt




People who have done the splash battle are saying that you are getting incredibly wet. Not from the effects, but from the other guests in the boats. You cant make the visitors on the side wet, and they can't do it to you. So it comes down to it that you fight the other boats.

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Banana looks like the Mack cable-driven splash battle. You can see in some pics the cable in the water, and the round "pulley" that enables it to turn corners. This is different from Dollywood's Mack version which has booster pumps throughout the course of the ride. Two different, but similar rides. Interesante, thanks for posting the pics.

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Seems like every comapny is makin some kind of splash battle type ride these days and seems like a lot of parks are buying them too. I don' think they look all that exciting but maybe I just need to ride one. Never been a huge fan of getting soaked just for the sake of getting saoked. I wish they'd attach some watter guns to a log flume boat and make and interactive log ride now that's be a blast

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A couple of days ago, 2 Fabiola, a Belgian Eurodance band (yes it's Eurodance, you can wiki that ^^) gave a live DJ set in the center of Bobbejaanland's indoor rollercoaster ®Evolution.


Here's the result:

(not my video)


Those of you that have done this ride will have a better view of what's going on ofcourse. I think it rocks, awesome idea! And as far as I know, I've never seen anything like it.


Personally I'd love to see Aerosmith doing that on the Rock'n'roller .

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Interesting concept. It's definitely a way to add audio to a plain dark coaster without retrofitting it. I would really be interested in seeing an enclosed spinning mouse (probably need to be extended) with this idea. Have the queue underneath with the dj above, and then ride the coaster circling around with the music and lights pumping. If they didn't have it already, I could see Disney or Universal doing wonders with this.

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