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Bobbejaanland Discussion Thread

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- guests didn't want a new coaster


Lol! Sure bobbejaanland.. sure...



Not to impressed by this, but hey, it's probaly a more comfortable ride then the Fly away..


Speak for yourself. I'm always pleased when a park announces a new dark ride.

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Myeah I wasn't (still am not) too keen on another dark ride at BJL, they really need a new good coaster over there. I mean, Typhoon usually starts with people getting whiplashed lol, Oki Doki is nice, but not really a full size coaster. Revolution is a nice classic but it's not really the coaster were all waiting for. The bobby express, well not even going to start .


BUT, if BJL manages to actually theme this dark ride to Phantasialand/Europa-Park/DLRP level (the latter preferably without decor pieces falling off ) then the dark ride would be a pretty good addition to the park.

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This could be the second Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster or could be just a dark ride.

Uh, we already know what it will be: an "Immersive Tunnel" by Holovis (tech) and Super 78 Studios (theme / movie).


Same type of ride as Movie Park's "The Lost Temple".

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Another update, and lots of new artwork as well...




gate into the new area



ride entrance + shop



the first area of the queue



outdoor queue



outdoor queue



outdoor queue



preshow / an elevator down into the cave



indoor queue



indoor queue






ride area














The remains of the park's spinning rapids - a ride removed in 2008 - will be transformed into a little dining area...












photos: pretparken.be

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Last week, Bobbejaanland announced some new things for next season. They will have a new stunt show called Wicked Wheels.


Dizz will get a new name (Naga Bay) and will be rethemed.

They will also rename the restaurant at the park entrance and expand its terrace. The new name will be "The Lake House". An ohter new thing is the new interactive playground of 500 m² next to the new terrace.


And finally, they will be organizing the first urban trial in a theme park in Belgium.





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