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Favorite element

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I've got different favourite elements..;

On inverting steelies, I like B&M inverted Flatspin a lot!


The two on Nemesis are pretty darn good!


On non inverting coasters (wooden and steel), I really do like airtime-ful First drop... That one on Tonnerre de Zeus... yumm When you're back row, you get both get suck by the drop and ejected from the train , THAT is really awesome!

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I like zero-G rolls and corkscrews that flip you to the left.


Yeah, whew, those corkscrews that flip you to the right sure are annoying. Just messin' with you Julie.


Anyway, a thread really similar to this one has already been done, considering most of the people seem to be putting their favorite inversions. Here: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=890

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Favorite elements:


Zero-G Roll (Kraken)

Immelman (SheiKra)

First Drop (SheiKra)

Vertical Loop (Montu's Second)

Cobra Roll (Kumba)

Batwing (Montu)


Alltime Favorite Inversion (Tie):

Wrap-Around Immelman (Dueling Dragons: Fire)

Pretzel Loop (S:UF - SFOG)


Alltime Favorite Element:

Helix (Kumba)

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